MagPrex Offers a USA-Based Nutrient-Recovery Technology

Six MagPrex (formerly AirPrex) nutrient-recovery systems are currently operational or under construction in the United States. MagPrex provides treatment plants with a high orthophosphate removal efficiency.

“It’s because of our USA installations — we raised the bar to deliver plant-specific results in municipal and industrial applications,” says Gerhard Forstner, president of Centrisys/CNP. “We dissolved our Germany-based partnership with CNP Cycles to build on the strength of U.S.-based initiatives aggressively. Changing our name to MagPrex signifies our commitment to innovation and ensures the best results and value for our customers.”

Improving treatment efficiency

Struvite precipitation can be detrimental to treatment plants. MagPrex prevents crystallization in downstream biosolids by forming struvite as it strips out CO2, elevates the pH and adds MgCl2 to augment Mg2+ in a controlled environment. 

MagPrex fits between the anaerobic digester and the dewatering equipment. Struvite crystals, the converted orthophosphate within the digestate, can be harvested and used as fertilizer.

MagPrex removes struvite, significantly improves treatment efficiency, and:

Reduces polymer consumption up to 30%

Reduces disposal costs up to 20%

Reduces phosphate recycle loads up to 90%

Reduces maintenance costs up to 50%

Doesn’t require sodium hydroxide for pH change

Generates revenue from fertilizer

“Our USA team works hard on the continuing development of MagPrex and the reuse of the struvite fertilizer,” Forstner says. “We understand the diverse requirements of North American customers. As a U.S.-based company, we’ve addressed critical factors in wastewater and industrial applications by leveraging our extensive experience, unique process capabilities, and cost efficiencies.”

Below are some examples of facilities using MagPrex.

Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility at Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Denver

The 220 mgd RW Hite Facility is the world’s largest struvite-recovery system from digestate. MagPrex reduced phosphorus recycle loads, struvite formation and poor dewaterability. Installation included eight Centrisys CS26-4 dewatering centrifuges. Combining MagPrex with the CS26-4s saved the plant up to 30% on polymer costs alone.

Drake Water Reclamation Facility in Fort Collins, Colorado

MagPrex reduced the phosphorus recycle loads, struvite formation and poor dewaterability at this 18 mgd facility. The incoming anaerobic digester’s orthophosphate concentrations decreased by 30% after 12 days of operation. MagPrex effectively removed orthophosphate from the centrate stream and reduced digester struvite formation. Installation included two Centrisys CS26-4 dewatering centrifuges.

Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility in Salt Lake City

The 60 mgd facility goals included >85% orthophosphate removal and struvite harvesting. Installation included five Centrisys THK350 sludge thickeners for primary and WAS sludge.

Fox River Reclamation District in Elgin, Illinois

The 25 mgd plant goals included bio-P sequestration for >85% orthophosphorus removal, maintenance of sludge dewaterability, and mitigation of high side-stream phosphorus load.

Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant, Howard County, Maryland, and Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant in Medina County, Ohio

After its first year of operation, Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant, a 25 mgd plant, and Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant, a 15 mgd plant, achieved up to 90% orthophosphate reduction from digested biosolids at both facilities.

Centrisys is a U.S. manufacturer of dewatering centrifuges and sludge thickeners that provides global centrifuge service, repair and parts for all decanter centrifuge brands. CNP, a division of Centrisys, supplies nutrient recovery and advanced biosolids treatment systems with MagPrex and CalPrex for phosphorus recovery; PONDUS, a thermal hydrolysis process; and LIPP GmbH digesters and storage tanks.



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