Product Spotlight - October 2019

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Pumping liquids containing high chloride or extreme pH levels can require specially made equipment. The stainless steel Flygt N3069 from Xylem is made specifically for those situations, delivering corrosion resistance and pumping performance with sustained high efficiency.

Not only is this workhorse pump designed to solve pumping challenges in very aggressive media, such as highly acidic or alkaline water-based liquids, seawater, organic waste and other harsh media applications, 3D-printing techniques used in its production dramatically reduce the lead time for customized pump orders by up to 75%. The combination of a submersible pump in stainless steel and a self-cleaning adaptive design provides continuous pumping with suitable performance.

“The new N3069 stainless steel integrates the best of our technology to provide our customers in the industrial sector with unparalleled reliability, guaranteeing optimized, trouble-free pumping operations,” says Veronica Jergelind, Xylem’s vice president of Water Infrastructure Wastewater Pumping.

The pump is suitable for use in tough pumping challenges in complex municipal applications, such as process water and waste sumps, and in industrial applications, such as aquaculture, tanneries, breweries and food applications.

Furthermore, as companies globally seek to advance the sustainability of their operations, the Flygt N3069’s Adaptive N-technology delivers higher pumping efficiency than traditional hydraulic designs, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25%. Adaptive N-technology has been tried and tested in over 500,000 installations globally, offering superior hydraulic design for any heavy-duty pumping operation. The technology’s hydraulic design not only prevents pumping downtime, but enables more sustainable, energy-efficient operations.

In an effort to decrease production time, Xylem has embraced 3D-printing technology in the foundry line at its facility in Emmaboda, Sweden, to print one-off sand molds for the N3069 stainless steel pumps. This allows Xylem to supply small volumes of highly customized pumping solutions in short lead times. For applications with little or no chlorides but that contain abrasive particles, the N3069 can be fitted with hard iron hydraulic parts — a high chromium material that combines corrosion protection with up to five times higher wear resistance compared to duplex stainless steel hydraulic materials. Hard iron is a suitable choice for long-lasting peace-of-mind pumping, even in the most abrasive and demanding industrial applications.

“We are constantly improving our production processes to respond to customers’ needs for highly customized pumping solutions in a fraction of the time,” Jergelind says. 


Flygt N3069 from Xylem


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