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Legacy Building Solutions tension fabric buildings

Tension fabric buildings from Legacy Building Solutions provide a high level of flexibility for a variety of building applications. They use a durable, rigid frame in place of hollow-tube, open web truss hoop framing. The strength of the structural steel frame provides the ability to easily customize buildings to the exact width, length and height required. In addition to long clear spans, the buildings have straight sidewalls that maximize the useable square footage inside the structure. The design allows for the ability to add lean-tos, mezzanines and sidewall doors. The structures are engineered to provide desired overhangs or handle additional loads for items such as sprinklers and conveyors. The solid structural steel I-beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside a tube. There are multiple coating options available for all steel components, including hot-dip galvanizing, primer and powder-coat paint. 877-259-1528;


Envirodyne Systems 21st Century Clarifiers

Envirodyne Systems 21st Century Clarifiers are equipped with Hercules Drives, flow-impinging energy dissipation inlets, true full-radius scum troughs, return activated sludge booster rings with spiral blades or suction headers, and algae control systems. They offer 100-year gear and bearing life. The true full-radius scum trough includes beefy dual skimmers that clean both outside and inside the feedwell. The RAS booster ring creates highly concentrated, uniform RAS to save pumping energy. The ring is also self-cleaning and has maintenance-free seals. Sealless designs are also available. The algae control system consists of an algae brush cleaner and/or algae spray cleaner. 717-763-0500;

Smith & Loveless Model R OXIGEST

The Model R OXIGEST treatment system from Smith & Loveless provides stable operation and flexible process options for high-strength wastewater or larger flows up to 5 mgd. The field-erected design encompasses complete aeration, clarification and advanced treatment processes while allowing these units to be individually separated and controlled. The system achieves advanced nutrient removal and produces pristine effluent quality suitable for water reuse and direct or indirect discharge. Its concentric tankage maximizes space efficiency in its footprint, thereby preserving facility land for other key plant operations. Multiple aeration zones can be employed to provide specific activated sludge processes for desired treatment levels, including multistage aeration, complete mixed, plug-flow and nitrification/denitrification. Integral treatment process steps can include grit removal, flow equalization, reaeration, tertiary filtration, chlorination, dechlorination and sludge storage. 800-898-9122;

Coating and Lining

AmTech Tank Lining & Repair DuraChem 500 series

DuraChem 500 series spray-up elastomeric polyurethane lining systems from AmTech Tank Lining & Repair are formulated for the containment of wastewater, potable water, abrasive materials, chemicals and select corrosives. These 100% solids high-build lining systems have maximum flex modulus and extreme adhesion characteristics to permanently bond to most materials at the molecular level. They are compliant with requirements such as ANSI, NSF, NLPA, API and UL for specific immersion and containment applications. 888-839-0373;


ClearSpan Fabric Structures Armor Shield Cover 

ClearSpan Fabric Structures’ Armor Shield Cover is a 29-ounce architectural vinyl building cover that is designed for ultimate durability. The protective membrane consists of seven layers, including a sturdy base fabric, multiple layers of protective coating and a dual-sided PVDF topcoat that repels dirt. It is both mildew resistant and flame retardant. It is available in white, gray, tan and green. A 12-ounce poly cover is also available for all ClearSpan buildings upon request. 866-643-1010;

Environetics Defender tank covers

Defender tank covers from Environetics are custom manufactured from industrial-grade materials to fit the profile of a new or existing wastewater treatment tank or potable water tank. They contain volatile organic compounds at their source. Low-profile structurally supported covers minimize emission treatment volume to reduce the cost of air filtration equipment. They can help eliminate the ongoing expense of applying costly odor control chemicals through atomizer and misters. 815-838-8331;

Industrial & Environmental Concepts Odor  Control Covers

Odor Control Covers from Industrial & Environmental Concepts can be designed to be semigas or 100% gastight. They are designed with an impermeable flexible membrane to contain odors while still enabling access for equipment maintenance or sampling. The covers are commonly used on sludge/liquid tanks and aerobic and anaerobic systems. The company’s Disinfection Covers block penetrating sunlight and are commonly used over chlorine contact chambers. The result is reduced algae and chlorine loss due to volatilization, which improves disinfection and lessens chlorine demand. Both covers are maintenance-free and long-lasting. 952-829-0731;


Kruger USA Anox K5 Media

ANITA Mox is a sidestream deammonification technology that is offered in both moving bed biofilm reactor and integrated fixed-film activated sludge configurations, depending on site conditions. As such, the system consists of engineered polyethylene carriers — Anox K5 Media from Kruger USA — to provide ample protected surface area for biofilm to thrive. The media (approximately the diameter of a quarter) hosts two types of bacteria in the same reactor. The outer layer consists primarily of ammonia oxidizing bacteria, which convert about half of the ammonia to nitrite. The inner layer consists mainly of anaerobic autotrophic ammonia oxidizer bacteria, which utilize the resulting nitrite and much of the remaining residual ammonia and convert them to nitrogen gas that is released harmlessly to the atmosphere. 919-677-8310;

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions FiltraFast

The FiltraFast media filter from SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions is designed for treatment of high flows and includes compressible media to enable up to 10 times the loading rate of conventional media filters. The high-rate downflow gravity or pressure filter uses hydraulic loading to create the required media porosity with no mechanical compressing devices. The backwash sequence is designed to enable maximum recovery, extend media life and limit energy consumption. FiltraFast units are available in different configurations and can be customized to specific applications. Based on project requirements, units can be fully shop-assembled and delivered, or erected on site.


JDV Equipment Nozzle Mix System

The Nozzle Mix System from JDV Equipment is a dual-zone mixing technology that provides uniform mixing patterns that produce even distribution and a stable environment. It can help optimize solids suspension and contact to promote efficiency in a wide range of applications. The system is designed with pumps installed outside the tanks to facilitate ease of maintenance. The pumps are typically chopper pumps or pumps incorporating in-line grinders that prevent fibrous materials from accumulating and causing plugging problems. The application dictates which type(s) of the many varied pump options can be used. The high-velocity nozzles are mounted inside the tank and are oriented to discharge in a flow pattern that completely mixes the tank contents. 973-366-6556;

Pulsafeeder mixers

Pulsafeeder mixers have a 304 stainless steel shaft with an integral impeller(s). Epoxy and vinyl shaft coatings are available for applications where the solution being agitated is not compatible with stainless steel. The Bracket Mount Mixer mounts to the tank cover or flat surface with four bolts and two 3/8-inch steel brackets holding the mixer securely in place. The Flange Mount Mixer provides a convenient and economical means of mounting smaller mixers. The mixer can be mounted directly to the tank cover or other flat surface. It can also be mounted directly onto Pulsafeeder 35- and 55-gallon solution tanks featuring rigid covers. Thread Mount Mixers provide a simple means of mounting smaller mixers onto tanks or drums with a bung hole in the cover. Thread mounts have a 2-inch nipple, which screws directly into a standard bung, cutting labor and cost for drilling mounting holes. 800-333-6677;

SUMA America agitator propellers

During the stirring process, abrasive and aggressive liquids can cause considerable wear on stirring blades. Agitator propellers from SUMA America combat this issue, as they are designed to not lose substance over time when exposed to aggressive media. In order to increase the service life, the manufacturer relies on an elastic, durable and multilayer polymer reinforcement. The polymer-coated propellers are protected against corrosion. The material is UV resistant, abrasion resistant and impact resistant, and it prevents fungal attack and microbial development on the propeller. 847-427-7880;

Vaughan Rotamix

The Rotamix system from Vaughan is a reliable means of mechanical hydraulic mixing for sludge tanks, digesters and other high-volume applications. It incorporates several basic principles of physics and hydraulics, including uniform and vertical fields of flow, induced flow and surface contact. Using custom engineering software, each application is analyzed and sized in order to achieve the desired mixing effect. Combined with a Vaughan chopper pump, this mixing system optimizes solids contact due to the homogeneous state. The system may be applied in circular, rectangular or oval tanks and basins, and other process configurations such as egg-shaped digesters, combined sewer overflow tunnels and pump stations. 888-249-2467;

Walker Process Equipment, A Div. of McNish Corp., vertical shaft mechanical mixer

The Walker Process Equipment, A Div. of McNish Corp., vertical shaft mechanical mixer provides a low-energy solution for thorough and effective mixing in an anaerobic digester. Each agitator is custom-designed for the application and the specific geometry of the digester tank. The dual impeller arrangement is designed to optimize the most effective glide ratio at the lowest power usage and the highest pumping capacity. Features include a leveling base, low-power consumption compared to pumped systems, high turnover and controlled downward pumping to achieve whole volume mixing. The dual impellers are fabricated from stainless steel and attached to a carbon-steel shaft that is clad and sealed in stainless steel to provide the strength of carbon steel and the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. This system comes complete with full electrical controls. 630-892-7921;

Tank Inspection/Repair

BinMaster Level Controls NCR-21

The NCR-21 from BinMaster Level Controls is a noncontact liquid level measurement sensor for water, wastewater and other liquids stored in vessels with distances up to 26 feet. It is suitable for pump stations and overflow monitoring indoor or outdoor without restrictions. Its flood-proof IP68 enclosure withstands submersion, dust, dirt or sand to ensure maintenance-free continuous operation. It is easily set up and monitored using integrated Bluetooth for wireless communication with data access via a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. It is also compatible with the BinView web application for monitoring levels from multiple sensor types or sites. Digital panel meter displays can be mounted in the plant for convenient, instant readings. 800-278-4241;

Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group ROV inspections

Potable tanks should be inspected every three to five years, according to the American Water Works Association. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group performs this service using a remotely operated underwater vehicle. The inspections don’t require tanks to be drained. Instead, a disinfected ROV is placed inside to gather images with its video equipment while a trained operator manipulates the robot safely outside the tank. The robot has high-definition video recording capabilities. Inspections usually take about two to three hours. Once finished, the company provides a video of the ROV inspection to the customer. 270-869-9400;


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