Nidec variable-frequency drives reduce energy use, pump wear

Nidec variable-frequency drives reduce energy use, pump wear
AD700E general purpose drive

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The AD1000 high-performance variable-frequency drive and the AD700E general purpose drive from Nidec Motor Corporation can reduce energy consumption in a range of water, wastewater and other pump applications.

“They could go on any type of pump — from a vertical turbine type to horizontal split-case,” says Patrick Hogg, Nidec vertical motor product manager. “It’s going to allow that pump to operate at the highest efficiency possible by realizing when the pump is wasting energy and adjusting to run the pump at its most efficient point.”

The AD1000 automatically adjusts to changing operating conditions in applications from 30 to 600 hp. While plug-and-play for most standard applications, its modular design can be easily configured to meet the most challenging applications and can be configured to run multiple pumps.

Features include quick start for reduced pump stress, auto-tuning menu, shortcut options, advanced control option and safe data storage and transfer, enabling information to be saved and transferred to other devices. A password security option prevents tampering.

Process PID controller functions include dead band delay; feed-forward; feedback supervision and input pressure supervision; pressure, flow and level view; and analog feedback loss.

“Key benefits include the preloaded pump software, which includes programming that allows you to detect if there’s a blocked or a burst pipe, along with other pump-specific programming,” Hogg says. “The drives can ramp up and ramp down, which helps you prime pumps and detect loss of suction and other issues that may pop up.”

The AD700E general purpose drive provides precise motor control and energy savings for variable-speed applications up to 30 hp and all types of motors, including induction, permanent magnet, brushless DC and synchronous reluctance. Features include 14 basic parameters and 50 total parameters. The integrated I/O, Ethernet and Fieldbus communications options easily connect with control and monitoring systems.

The optional AD700-Optistick provides fast and accurate multiple-drive setup by copying parameters from one drive to another at the touch of a button. 888/637-7333;


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