Vertical Screening System Mounts in Small Spaces

AGV Vertical Auger Monster from JWC Environmental

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The AGV Vertical Auger Monster wastewater screening system from JWC Environmental combines a grinder, fine screen and compactor. The system mounts to the inside wall of a pump station next to the inlet pipe and catches rags, wipes, plastics and trash before they get inside. The vertical design lets it fit in manholes and other limited-space areas.

The system can be installed as a headworks screen for package treatment plants or lagoon systems. Available in four models, it is designed for treatment plants with flow rates of 1 mgd or less.

“The purpose of the entire system is to protect downstream systems, and ensure we remove things like wipes that are hitting the industry quite hard right now,” says Rob Sabol, director of research and development. “We pull those things out of the waste stream, grind them into some sort of uniform size and discharge them into a bin, bucket or trash container, making sure they’re clean and reasonably dry.”

The customizable system has a 55-inch-diameter base and stands from 34 1/2 to 56 inches tall, depending on model. The top of the unit extends up to 30 feet, depending on the application. Most discharge chutes extend 4 to 5 feet above the walking surface for debris disposal into a roll-off container. “The overall height is determined by where the influent pipe is relative to where you want the discharge,” Sabol says.

Powered by a 5 hp motor (immersible and other electric types available), the dual-shafted grinder shreds long, stringy material to prevent wrapping and breaks up clumps for efficient washing. Soft organics are washed back into the channel through a perforated screen (5/64, 1/8 or 1/4 inches). The integrated spray wash launders screenings and removes fecal material for cleaner discharge and reduced odor.

“The grinder acts as a pre-conditioner,” Sabol says. “If you didn’t have it, you would get large chunks of solids. It gives you a better washing effect and keeps fecal content in the waste treatment process.”

A screening basket with 1/4-inch circular openings stops debris and small trash, such as cigarette butts. The rotating auger, powered by a 2 hp motor, lifts debris to ground level, where it is compressed and dewatered, reducing volume by up to 90 percent and leaving about 30 percent dry solids content that would pass the paint filter test. Debris is discharged through an 8- by 12-inch chute into a plastic bag or bin. “Our intent is to ensure that there is no free water in the discharge,” says Todd Nydam, senior mechanical engineer.

Automated PLC monitoring, auto load sensing and reversing controls protect the system from damage, while an auger failsafe mode ensures that the system continues running even if electronics are disabled. Adjustable differential run times provide optimal solids removal and extend operating life. Weather protection enables the system to operate in temperatures to minus 13 degrees F. 800/331-2277;


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