Should TPO cover industrial as well as municipal wastewater treatment?

Do municipal and industrial operators share enough issues and challenges to fit in the same magazine? Give us your opinions.

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When we started Treatment Plant Operator 4.5 years ago, we debated whether we should stick to municipal treatment plants or expand into industrial wastewater as well. We decided to stick with the municipal side in the belief that the tighter a trade magazine’s focus, the better readers are served.

Some recent events have caused us to take a second look – and we would like readers’ opinions. Should we also cover the industrial wastewater side?

Now and again we receive an inquiry from an industrial operator, or from an equipment vendor, who would like to submit a case study or technical article. Until now we have had to say no.

Then last week I attended a wastewater operator conference sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. I was struck by the number of industrial operators present and how familiar they seemed to be with the magazine. I won’t hazard a guess on the percentage of attendees who were from the industrial side, they were very much in evidence.

This leads me to believe there is more community of interest than I thought between municipal and industrial operator. Of course the industrial side is much more varied, and the waste streams can be significantly different. Still, for both groups, it’s all about clean water, and many of the processes are similar.

So, should TPO cover the industrial side of wastewater treatment? Please weigh in with your opinions by sending me a note at I promise to respond and will report the results on this blog and in the magazine.


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