Which Advanced Grit Management System is Right For You?

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Which Advanced Grit Management System is Right For You?

Hydro International’s SlurryCup and TeaCup both use high velocity vortex flows and boundary layer separation to achieve their phenomenal grit washing performance. It can be confusing to know which technology is best for your plant. Either option is an excellent choice, but there are differences in the designs that make one or the other a better solution based on your operating conditions.

If you are looking for sludge degritting, the SlurryCup is what you need. With unparalleled performance in this difficult application, the SlurryCup is designed to withstand the abrasive impacts and requisite maintenance so common with conventional sludge degritting technologies.

Both systems have no internal moving parts, which makes them very low-maintenance solutions. Both systems can be used for headworks degritting, but there are differences in operation, capacity, and operating parameters. Read this guide to help you determine which type of system is the ideal grit washing solution for your plant.

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