A Low-Maintenance Advanced Grit Separation Solution

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Hydro International’s HeadCell and Grit King grit separation technologies are crucial to performance of advanced grit management systems. In addition to industry-leading performance, both of these grit separation systems have a number of key design features that make them much easier to operate and maintain than conventional grit separation technologies.

  • All-hydraulic design
    • No moving parts or motors required to operate, reduces unexpected maintenance 
    • No electrical requirements, reduces energy costs
  • Low headloss
    • Both systems require less than a foot of headloss to power the system
  • Small footprint 
    • The HeadCell uses stacked trays to maximize surface area in a very small footprint
    • The Grit King uses structured flows to augment gravity separation
  • High performance 
    • Standard HeadCell designs capture 95% of all grit 75 micron and larger 
    • Standard Grit King designs capture 95% of all grit 106 micron and larger

Watch this video to learn how these technologies can work so effectively without requiring much of your valuable plant space, electricity, headloss and operator time.

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