Using Engineering Principles to Evaluate Grit System Performance

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Using Engineering Principles to Evaluate Grit System Performance

There are no industry-standardized methodologies for grit removal system performance testing, which can make equipment selection a very confusing process. Manufacturers are free to claim whatever performance they like and then measure the performance of their installed system, using their own in-house testing team (or methodologies) that could be used to potentially skew performance results to meet their claims.

Fortunately, science can help you select the right system for your project. At Hydro International, the core mission has always been to focus on proven engineering principles to find ways to continuously improve its products. This thorough technical vetting helps to ensure that Hydro International can always deliver installed systems that meet client’s expectations. As a result, Hydro International has continued to develop and refine products over the decades.

If you are the type of person who likes to make decisions based on established, verifiable scientific principles, Hydro International would like to help. Download this brochure to discover some of the key techniques to mathematically evaluate how grit removal systems operate.

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