Improve Sludge Quality with SlurryCup and Grit Snail Sludge Degritting and Screening

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Improve Sludge Quality with SlurryCup and Grit Snail Sludge Degritting and Screening

Sludge treatment processes are critical components in treating biosolids, yet they are expensive to install, operate and maintain. This e-guide covers ways that you can improve your sludge quality and ensure that these plant processes operate at their peak efficiency and significantly reduce your maintenance burden. Inorganic materials like grit and rags are one of the biggest contributors to sludge treatment process maintenance. These processes are incapable of treating inorganic materials and any allowed to enter them simply take up space, which reduces capacity.  

With unchecked inorganic materials, sludge treatment process efficiency and performance continually degrade. Eventually, these processes will need to be taken offline to manually remove deposited inorganic materials. Cleaning sludge treatment processes is a difficult, time consuming, and sometimes-dangerous operation. Sludge degritting and sludge screening will significantly extend the time between cleanings and keep your sludge treatment processes operating at their intended design capacity. 

Download the e-guide here to learn how improving the quality of your sludge will benefit numerous processes throughout your entire plant.

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