HeadCell Myths and Facts

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HeadCell Myths and Facts

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The HeadCell offers top-of-the-line grit removal performance. This has led to a wide variety of inaccurate and misleading myths that continue to pop up about the HeadCell from time to time. They are so easy to debunk that Hydro International has rarely taken much time to address them. However, the rumors persist. 

Grit removal is at Hydro International’s core, and admittedly we very likely think about grit a lot more than most who are reading this and “easily” debunked is a relative term. Rather than continuing to debunk these inaccuracies on a case-by-case basis, we at Hydro have gathered many of the most outlandish HeadCell myths we continue to encounter and debunked them all in one place for your convenience.

Visit this page to see these commonly promoted misrepresentations and learn why they are just plain wrong.

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