Retrofitting Aerated Grit Basins to HeadCell Grit Removal Performance

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Retrofitting Aerated Grit Basins to HeadCell Grit Removal Performance

When upgrading a plant, increasing capacity or installing a new treatment process, minimizing construction costs and footprint are always important goals. One way to reduce both of these costs is to re-use existing channels, basins and structures that were previously used for outdated processes. In order to realize these savings, new treatment processes need to be flexible, customizable and configurable to fit within existing structures and eliminate the need to build new ones. The HeadCell Advanced Grit Separation System provides this flexibility by its unique ability to vary the number of trays and tray diameters to provide the surface area required to match your performance needs and fit within your layout.  

Aerated Grit Basins (AGB) are a prime example of an outdated process that many plants look to replace. They require tremendous amounts of energy to operate and, simply put, they have never been very effective. Plants with AGBs experience numerous downstream grit related problems. Furthermore, AGBs require a massive footprint. As a result, many plants look to replace AGBs with more effective and operationally efficient treatment processes.

The HeadCell is an ideal solution to retrofit into aerated grit basins and repurpose this existing infrastructure. Download this application sheet to learn more about retrofitting your AGB with HeadCell to significantly reduce your construction costs, re-use your existing infrastructure, and significantly increase your grit removal performance.  

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