HeadCell with Floatable Control Option for Plants with FOG Issues

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HeadCell with Floatable Control Option for Plants with FOG Issues

For many wastewater treatment plants FOG is an ever-present problem. The headworks is typically the first place that this grease hits. Even if a plant has a scum treatment process skimming away the problem, it is usually downstream of the headworks grit removal.

Hydro International’s new floatables spray system is fully automated and only runs when your plant needs it. Depending on the size of the HeadCell system it often only needs to operate for one to five minutes per hour using just 4-20 gpm of NPW. The system comes with automatic controls and all the hardware necessary for easy installation.

The HeadCell floatable control system is ideal for plants with known FOG issues in new installations and can also be retrofitted into existing HeadCell systems.

Download the brochure to learn more about how the HeadCell floatable control system works and how it can help eliminate FOG from impacting your Hydro grit removal system. 

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