Independently Measured Performance of Various Types of Grit Removal Systems

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Independently Measured Performance of Various Types of Grit Removal Systems

There are no standardized methods to measure the performance of grit removal systems. This makes understanding how effective different types of grit removal will be at your plant confusing. With different sampling and testing regimes come different results, allowing grit system providers to skew results that favor their equipment. This hinders the ability of plant designers to determine actual installed performance based on claims alone.

Using the same grit measurement criteria on different types of equipment is the only way to accurately evaluate field performance. Once irregularities in grit testing and measurement have been eliminated you can begin to objectively determine performance based on known facts, not manufacturer claims.

This white paper summarizes technical papers covering the measured results seen by independent engineers that measure actual performance of the different types of grit removal systems using the same evaluation methodologies. Testing results were used to determine just how much grit was missed by the different technologies and how much grit bypassed each of the systems and was deposited downstream each year. The difference between what some grit system manufacturers claim and what this independent study found are starkly different.

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