HeadCell: Small Footprint, Big Performance

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HeadCell: Small Footprint, Big Performance

There are many reasons that HeadCell has remained one of the best performing grit removal systems on the market since it was first introduced. The HeadCell is a unique design like no other grit system. HeadCell has no maintenance-intensive moving parts or power needs. The system operates entirely hydraulically, with less than a foot of headloss. 

Surface area contact is the key to any type of grit separation. HeadCell’s stacked trays provide an enormous amount of surface area in a fraction of the footprint that other designs require. Additionally, the proprietary inlet design evenly splits the flows over each tray, which dramatically reduces the settling time before the grit contacts that surface area. This maximizes the efficacy of that surface area contact, allowing it to capture and retain the very fine grit particles that most other grit systems miss. 

Additionally, the design allows a wide range of configuration options to match your existing plant and maximize the use of your existing structures to lower contractor construction costs to install. Various tray widths give a great deal of flexibility in tank dimensions to house the HeadCell. The number of trays can be varied to match height consideration. These factors frequently allow plants to completely retrofit into existing basins, or re-use existing structures. 

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