Choose Your Weapon for the War on Grit

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Choose Your Weapon for the War on Grit

Hydro International offers two advanced grit separation systems that offer industry-leading performance in the HeadCell and Grit King. This guide will help you to determine which type of system is right for you. Your specific site conditions, operating parameters, and plant layout determine which of these two systems will best solve your grit problems. Hydro International’s grit removal systems are custom engineered to work at your plant, on your flows, under your conditions.

Hydro International will help guide you through the entire process. Its applications engineering and project engineering staff work closely with you to tailor equipment to fit your layout and ensure that you get the most impact from your new headworks grit system. When the equipment arrives on site you’ll be ready for an easy install and will be confident that your system will be up and running in no time. After install, Hydro International’s experienced service technicians will ensure that your new grit system will protect your plant for years to come. 

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