Advanced Grit Protection Priced for Smaller Plants

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Advanced Grit Protection Priced for Smaller Plants

Advanced grit management systems have often been a luxury item for small plants — until now. Grit King hydrodynamic vortex separation is now available as a precast system specifically tailored for small plants’ needs and price points. The precast tank is simply placed on an appropriate base and a grout cone is formed in the bottom. The internal components, made of synthetic materials and stainless steel, are installed with inlet and outlet connections sealed to the concrete chamber; a dry pit grit pump, Decanter grit dewatering box, and a control panel to complete this packaged advanced grit management system.

The Grit King for smaller plants arrives on-site already configured in the tank and just needs the grout poured for the grit sump. This allows you to rapidly get the system up and running with minimal installation time and costs. The system is the ideal solution for smaller wastewater treatment plants looking to significantly upgrade their headworks grit removal performance. 

Download this brochure to learn how investing in this system provides the protection your plant needs at a price point you can afford.

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