Monster Metal Extends the Life of Grinder Cutters

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Monster Metal Extends the Life of Grinder Cutters

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Wastewater grinder cutters wear over time. That’s the nature of a metal cutter that is exposed to constant abrasion and corrosion, but the cutter material can make a difference in the cutter life. Wastewater grinders typically have alloy steel cutters, which are good for abrasion resistance but do not hold up well in corrosive environments.

When corrosion wear is the primary concern, the grinder will typically have stainless steel cutters, which unfortunately is a relatively soft metal and therefore abrades comparatively fast. Yet the typical wastewater grinder environment is a combination of an abrasive and corrosive environment. That means grinder customers face the dilemma of selecting a cutter metal that will have a known weakness in the operational environment.  

Monster Metal is JWC Environmental’s answer to this common dilemma. Monster Metal cutters last twice as long as typical industry cutters and work well in the combination abrasive and corrosive environments commonly found in wastewater. Monster Metal is a JWC trade secret alloy which went through intensive in-house and field testing to validate that the proprietary material and design outperformed other cutters in wear and corrosion resistance. 

Monster Metal is available on select JWC Muffin Monster, Channel Monster and Channel Monster FLEX units. A five-year warranty covering the cutter cartridge and wear components is included on Muffin Monster units with Monster Metal, while a three-year warranty is available for Channel Monster and Channel Monster FLEX units with Monster Metal.

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