Exam Study Guide: Monitoring Plans

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When faced with a licensing exam, don't struggle with test anxiety! Use the question below and others from our Exam Study Guide series to study and prepare for exam questions. Take a look at this sample water treatment licensing question along with an explanation of the correct answer.

Sample question:

What is a monitoring plan?

A.   A replacement document for a sanitary survey
B.   An overview describing all areas of compliance to state and federal requirements  
C.   A guide for on-the-job-training for new operators
D.   A field guide for locating sampling sites

Answer: Although not adopted by every state with primacy of the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act, a monitoring plan is a published document that identifies every applied parameter to be monitored under the regulations. The plan must include schedule, site, handling, preservation, methodology and reporting procedures. It is designed to streamline scheduled and unscheduled inspections done by a regulating agency, either state or federal. The plan should also include corrective action procedures in the event of violations. It can also be expanded to include operations and maintenance protocols. All monitoring plans must include contact information of the water system and its responsible parties. The correct answer is B.

About the author

Mike Smith is program coordinator and lead faculty of the Water Quality Management program at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colo.

He has been in charge of the multi-faceted training program since 1996.


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