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Small Is Beautiful Small Is Beautiful
A two-member team in Shannon, Ill., extracts award-winning performance from a small treatment facility built around aerated lagoons and rock filters.
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The operations team in Helena, Mont., worked hard for years to enhance the appearance of plant buildings and equipment and the surrounding property.
Understanding Alkalinity Understanding Alkalinity
Knowledge of this principle of wastewater chemistry can help you control your process effectively – and perform well on licensing exams.
Professional Growth And Security Professional Growth And Security
Southern King County district reaps the benefits of Mark Fogle’s willingness to take on new tasks, his focused experience and mechanical aptitude.
Talkin’ Biosolids
Public outcry – however unjustified – can set your biosolids program back. Here are some practical tips for communicating effectively with your public.
Nice Reward, No Risk Nice Reward, No Risk
A New Jersey village gets a cost-saving renewable power system based on biogas and solar without making any capital investment.
Grit To Green Grit To Green
A combined grit separation, washing and dewatering process leaves a Wisconsin treatment plant with lower operating costs and two desirable byproducts.
Getting To Low P Getting To Low P
Pilot testing with cloth media filtration documents one way to achieve the strict effluent total phosphorus limits being prescribed in today’s permits.
Designing For Excellence Designing For Excellence
A progressive Massachusetts town replaced a 40-year-old plant with new technology to treat high flows and meet stringent phosphorus limits.
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Making ‘Lemonade’ Making ‘Lemonade’
A booth at the annual California Lemon Festival helps the Goleta Sanitary District reach the public and build support for its initiatives.
Letters - May 2014 Brown-Bagging It Brown-Bagging It Power Marriage
From removing tedious, unpleasant chores to helping deliver higher-quality end product, automation elevates people and advances the clean-water profession.

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People Person People Person
Andy Hall has combined technical aptitude with a human touch to build an award-winning career in a fast-growing New Mexico city.
Worth Noting - May 2014 5S Cabinets Keep Work Areas Organized And Secure 5S Cabinets Keep Work Areas Organized And Secure Product News - May 2014 Product News - May 2014 Clamping Down On Leaks
Two utilities follow different but highly effective approaches to protect the integrity of their pipe infrastructure and minimize water losses.
Better Through Adversity Better Through Adversity
Challenges bring out the best in the team at the award-winning Huntsville Utilities as homegrown innovations drive excellence.
Industry News - May 2014 Sampling And Laboratory Analysis Sampling And Laboratory Analysis Tough Down Under Tough Down Under
A new low-profile underdrain system is designed for ease of installation, high durability and uniform performance.
All Under Control All Under Control
Wholly owned watersheds around its key sources and diligent plant operations help Greenville Water deliver an exceptional-quality product.
The One Percent The One Percent
A poster contest and “groundwater parfaits” help students in a Washington city appreciate the value and scarcity of fresh water.
Membrane Superstar Membrane Superstar
The Groundwater Recovery Facility at California’s South Coast Water District achieves high uptime and long runs between membrane cleanings.
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While The Iron Is Hot?
One positive side to a still-slow economy is that it builds a compelling case for water careers. Maybe it’s time to bring that front and center.