Sampling And Laboratory Analysis

Sampling And Laboratory Analysis
The ChemScan mini oP ortho-phosphorus monitor from ASA Analytics

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A quality water supply depends on accurate and reliable treatment plant process control. Instrumentation and monitoring equipment helps utilities monitor total organic carbon, chlorine, nitrates and other key process variables. Here are some of the latest sampling and laboratory analysis products offered by industry manufacturers.

Analytical Instrumentation

Ortho-phosphorus monitor

The ChemScan mini oP ortho-phosphorus monitor from ASA Analytics reduces chemical costs for sequestrant feed control in water treatment or phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment. It has a long-life LED light source and large-diameter sample tubing to eliminate plugging. It needs only quarterly service for reagent changeout and provides detection down to 0.03 mg/L. 262/717-9500;

Dual-input analyzer

The 56 dual-input analyzer from Emerson Process Management – Rosemount Analytical uses chlorine and ozone sensors and a high-resolution color LCD screen for on-screen data trend graphs. It has SMART-enabled pH, eliminating field calibration of pH probes. Troubleshooting is done with an on-screen user manual and display of faults, warnings and diagnostics. Step-by-step QuickStart on-screen prompts allow commissioning in less than two minutes. An internal data logger records live parameters and milliamp current outputs, allowing correlation to actual measurement values to assist in diagnostics and tuning. 800/854-8257;

MFC analyzer and controller

The DEPOLOX 5 bare-electrode chlorine measurement module from Evoqua Water Technologies provides for the selection of up to seven distinct disinfection measurements and the simultaneous control of two measures to maintain the desired level of disinfection and water quality. It works to reduce DBP formation by minimizing over and under feeds of disinfectant. The module doesn’t require reagent chemicals or membrane replacement caps, allowing it to deliver low life cycle costs. The bare electrode technology reacts quickly to a change in chlorine concentration, and achieves a T90 sensor response time in less than 30 seconds. 866/926-8420;

Noncontacting ultrasonic flowmeter

The TTFM 1.0 transit time flowmeter from Greyline Instruments includes clamp-on ultrasonic transducers for easy flow measurement. The step-by-step setup menu determines sensor mounting configuration and separation distance. Digital signal processing ensures plus-or-minus 1.0 percent accuracy in a wide range of applications and operating conditions. Flow rate, flow direction, and totalizer and relay status are shown on the large, backlit LCD display. It has an isolated 4-20 mA output and relays for flow proportional pulse output and flow rate controls. Field installation of options is easy with plug-and-play electronics. A 2 million-point data logger or extra control relays can be inserted via circuit boards and are instantly detected and added to the menu system. 888/473-9546;

Online water-quality monitor

The Testomat 2000 online field measuring instrument from Heyl Brothers North America analyzes feed water hardness and other parameters such as chlorine, p-value, chromate and iron on a quantity- or time-controlled basis to help prevent lime scale in piping, boilers and heat exchangers. 312/377-6123;

Multi-input process analyzer

The AquaSelect multi-input process analyzer from HF scientific has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use menus and uses up to four inputs or parameters to meet the needs of complex process operations. It is compatible with a wide range of analog and digital sensors, including the AdvantEDGE series of measurement probes. 888/203-7248;

Particle charge analyzer

The Particle Charge Analyzer laboratory or benchtop version of Micrometrix’s Streaming Current Monitor can be used to determine coagulant demand by a simple titration technique. The digital display accurately indicates the polarity and charge value of the sample. It monitors changes in raw-water quality and aids in troubleshooting treatment plant processes such as coagulation and flocculation. It can also be used to characterize and verify quality control of various chemicals. 770/271-1330;

Nitrate analyzer

The Real Spectrum GL3000 nitrate analyzer from Real Tech uses a UV absorbance method to measure nitrates without reagents. It provides a simple, accurate and low-cost solution for monitoring nitrate concentration in blended source water or post-ion-exchange/RO treatment to meet potable water regulations. It measures nitrates between 0 and 30 mg/L. The 4-20 mA output links real-time water-quality measurements with operations to help achieve treatment goals while saving operators time and money. Options include dual-stream capabilities to monitor nitrate removal and automatic chemical cleaning. 905/665-6888;

Free chlorine sensor

The FCL500 series free chlorine sensor from Sensorex Corporation uses advanced amperometric technology for accurate monitoring of free chlorine. With three models covering the 0 to 2 ppm, 0 to 5 ppm and 0 to 10 ppm ranges, it can be used in new installations or as a field replacement. It has an upgraded temperature correction curve for improved performance, and its membrane has a mesh reinforcement clamp for stability and durability. The 4-20 mA isolated signal output is enhanced to eliminate ground loop errors, reduce noise and block high-voltage transient surges. It interfaces with PLC, SCADA and other process control systems. A large electrolyte reservoir with an easily replaced membrane cap and solution reduce maintenance intervals and maximize sensor life. 714/895-4344;

Laboratory TOC analyzer

TOC-L laboratory total organic carbon analyzers from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments are suitable for analyzing ultrapure to highly contaminated samples of wastewater, brine water and drinking water. In PC-controlled and stand-alone versions, they have a wide sample range of 4 μg/L to 30,000 mg/L and use the 680 degree C combustion catalytic oxidation method. They have automatic sample acidification and sparging and automatic dilution that reduces sample salinity, acidity and alkalinity. They can be combined with the SSM-5000 solid sample combustion unit to analyze large particles, solids, soils and sludge. 800/477-1227;

Current loop recorder

The iLR-32 current loop recorder from Telog Instruments can record the output of any water-quality analyzer to monitor chlorine residual, pH and turbidity. It samples the current loop output as frequently as the utility requires, reducing data to meaningful internal information. The battery-powered unit can be deployed virtually anywhere the analyzer is located. It transfers the data wirelessly through cellular transmission, eliminating hard-wired phone lines. 585/742-3000;

Ammonia analyzer

The TL-2800 ammonia analyzer from Timberline Instruments uses a continuous-flow gas diffusion/conductivity cell analysis to determine ammonia levels. The method provides results unaffected by turbidity or color and does not require distillation before analysis. The system introduces the sample via peristaltic pump, reducing the need for filtration and preventing repairs and maintenance. Passing the sample/caustic mixture through an optional zinc reduction cartridge reduces nitrate and nitrite ions to ammonium, allowing measurement of the total inorganic nitrogen concentration. The software automates the instrument and sampling system, and the graphical user interface is easy to learn and implement. 303/440-8779;

Enclosures/Fume Hoods

Chemical-resistant fume hood

UniFlow AireStream fume hoods from HEMCO Corporation are constructed of chemical-resistant, flame-retardant, nonmetallic composite resin. Their unitized construction uses no screws, bolts, rivets or metallic hardware for assembly. The fume chamber is molded in one seamless piece with all corners coved for easy cleaning and light reflectivity. The units are UL 1805 certified and are offered in 48-, 60-, 72- and 96-inch widths in constant air volume or restricted bypass models. Hoods are shipped assembled and come in a variety of work surface materials and choice of base cabinets. 816/796-2900;

Laboratory Sampling and Monitoring

Residual concentration monitor

The RA-10030 from Eagle Microsystems monitors residual concentrations of free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide or potassium permanganate in water or wastewater. It has eight field-selectable ranges, all-digital controls, self-cleaning electrodes and fully automatic control capability. It transmits a 4-20 mA signal for recording or remote display and can output a signal for residual process control via flow pacing and compound loop control. All control and calibration adjustments are made via a four-push-button keypad. 610/323-2250;

Lab spectrophotometer

The DR 6000 lab spectrophotometer from Hach Company offers high-speed wavelength scanning across the UV and visible spectrums and comes with over 250 preprogrammed methods, including the most common testing methods used today. With optional accessories allowing for high-volume testing via a carousel sample changer, and increased accuracy with a sample delivery system that eliminates optical difference errors, it handles multiple water testing needs. TNTplus reagent vials provide additional accuracy with guided step-by-step procedures. Averaging of 10 readings makes scratched, flawed or dirty glassware a nonissue. 800/227-4224;

Hand-held photometer

The eXact iDip hand-held photometer from Industrial Test Systems provides wireless connectivity between the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Data is seamlessly transferred between devices using Bluetooth smart wireless technology. The application stores the test result history of multiple water sources. Test data can be shared via email, and a built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval of water locations. Users can customize the app and download only the tests needed. The device uses the iDIP4 reagent delivery method. Users simply select the test, push a button and dip a reagent strip into the built-in water sample cell for 20 seconds using a gentle back and forth motion.  800/861-9712;

ATP test kit

Second Generation ATP test kits from LuminUltra Technologies are an accurate, comprehensive and portable solution for biological monitoring and control in water systems. The test provides total microbial activity within five minutes of sample collection to troubleshoot microbiological contamination on the spot. When combined with the PhotonMaster luminometer and LumiCalc software, the kit offers complete microbiological testing. 506/459-8777;

Composite sampling system

The Automatic Duckbill composite sampling system from Markland Specialty Engineering helps plants automate composite sampling. It uses compressed air and a rubber duckbill, acting as a check valve, to collect samples. It is explosion-proof, and complete samples can be moved up high lifts (more than 79 feet vertically) and over long runs (more than 98 feet horizontally), even in freezing temperatures. Liquid enters the submerged sampler head through the duckbill. Each burst of compressed air squeezes the duckbill closed in a self-cleaning action and forces a sample to the collection bottle. Lines are blown clear and dry after each sample. Users program it to sample based on time or by a flowmeter. The device can collect from multiple sites simultaneously. 855/873-7791;

Gas detection digital Modbus RTU controller

The TA-2016MB-WM gas detection wall-mount controller from Mil-Ram Technology has a 16-channel system (eight-channel systems available) using an RS-485 Modbus RTU Multi-drop sensor network. It has low/mid/high/fault relays (SPDT rated 10 amp), LED alarm indicators, local buzzer and backlit LCD auto-scrolls for channel data/fault conditions. An auto-configuration wizard makes channel configuration simple and automatic. It can be installed at any point on the RS-485 network, eliminating long wiring runs. 510/656-2001;

Water/soil sample processor

The 4100 Water/Soil Sample Processor from OI Analytical automates the handling and processing of samples in 40 mL VOA vials for purge-and-trap analysis of VOCs in accordance with U.S. EPA methods. It processes up to 100 drinking water, wastewater or soil samples and operates with a single or dual Eclipse 4660 purge-and-trap instrument. The VOA Constrictor gripper mechanism surrounds and conforms to each vial, ensuring reliable vial handling. A module employs electronically controlled high-speed injection valves to minimize standard usage and decrease operating costs. Programming and operation is controlled by VOA View software that enables users to program methods, sequences and internal standard addition. 914/323-5700;

Graphic display panel meter and logger

The Dpi1701 1/8 DIN monochrome high-resolution graphic display panel meter and data logger for temperature and process measurement from Omega Engineering includes optional alarm relays, isolated analog output, isolated 24Vdc excitation voltage and a wireless receiver. It records 85,000 data points with time and date stamping. The logging starts and stops based on time and date, alarm 1 or 2 status, or a key press. It monitors and displays minimum and maximum process values. The process input is displayed in a horizontal bar graph, line graph charting or standard digital format. 800/826-6342;

Personal four-gas monitor

The RKI GX-2009 four-gas monitor from Scantek weighs 4.6 ounces and fits in the palm of a hand. It simultaneously monitors and displays combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. It has dual audible alarm ports and alarm LEDs on three sides so that alarm conditions are obvious in high-noise environments. It has a waterproof and dustproof design with IP 67 rating, impact- and RFI-resistant rubber over-mold body and a large-capacity data logging system. Also included are vibration alarm, auto-calibration, calibration lockout or reminder control, STEL/TWA readings, peak hold, and auto backlighting at alarm on a large LCD display. It is operated through two glow-in-the dark, glove-friendly buttons. The NiMH battery operates for 20 hours and fully charges in three hours. 800/224-3813;

Portable test kit

The CHEMATEST 25 portable test kit for drinking water sample analysis from SWAN Analytical USA includes tests with a pH electrode instead of colorimetric testing to ensure reportable accuracy. The portable meter combines a photometer and pH meter and also measures ORP. The kit measures temperature, free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, bromine, iodine, cyanuric acid, ORP and pH. Also offered are reagent options to measure dissolved iron and dissolved aluminum for evaluating flocculant efficiency. 847/229-1290;

Laboratory information management system

The SampleManager 11 laboratory information management system (LIMS) from Thermo Fisher Scientific has tools and user-interface enhancements that improve laboratory process mapping, management and automation. It delivers workflow configurability, user-intuitive multiple-sample login, point-and-click extensibility and enhanced data mining and tracking. Enhanced features include the ability to track aliquots and composites and enable finer control over samples. 800/637-3739;

Multiparameter water-quality colorimeter

The Lovibond MD 600 colorimeter from Tintometer tests for a wide range of water-quality parameters and is suited for field or laboratory use. It has a six-LED photo detector array that supports over 120 preprogrammed methods, including DPD chlorine, COD, phosphate and molybdate. It allows for testing using a Powder Pack, tablet or liquid reagent platforms. It has 1,000-data-point storage, an infrared interface for data transfer and a user-calibration mode. It allows new-method uploads via the Internet. 800/922-5242;

Multiparameter measurement device

The MultiLab IDS from YSI, a xylem brand, simultaneously measures any three of pH, ORP, BOD or conductivity, or three of the same parameters. The line includes single-, dual- or three-channel devices, as well as smart digital probes for optical-based BOD5, pH, ORP and conductivity measurement. It has an easy-to-use menu-driven operation and high data integrity and security. 800/897-4151;

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

ORP and temperature

The ULTRAPEN PT3 ORP and temperature tester from Myron L Company provides the accuracy and stability of a benchtop lab equipment with the versatility and convenience of a pen. It enables dip and scoop sampling for standing water and vertical streams, offering real-time analysis before atmospheric and other environmental conditions can affect the sample chemistry. Constructed of durable aircraft aluminum, it is fully potted for protection with easy-to-read LCD and one-button functions. 760/438-2021;

Solution detector tubes

Gastec Solution Detector Tubes from Nextteq provide fast, on-the-spot measurement of trace chemicals in liquids. The tubes are easy to use and do not require mixing, calibration, equipment or accessories. Users simply place a highly sensitive tube in a sample of the target solution. Accurate results are available in five minutes or less. The device measures sulfide ion, ozone, chlorine and a variety of metals including mercury, chromium (VI) ion, iron ion, copper ion, zinc and nickel. It offers distinct lines of demarcation for easier viewing and does not require color charts, interpretation, dual scales or counting of reagent drops. 877/312-2333;

Laboratory Services/Testing

Laboratory testing service

WesTech Engineering offers complete laboratory testing facilities to assist in project planning. Laboratory technicians are specialists in filtration, sedimentation and flotation. Careful testing and analysis of a submitted sample can provide answers to difficult process problems, helping to establish design parameters and equipment sizing based upon bench-scale testing results. Comprehensive reports are sent to the customer, and the information is then used to help select the most effective water treatment options. Bench-scale units are available for rental or purchase for use at a testing facility. 801/265-1000;


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