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Hands-On Know-How Hands-On Know-How
Joe Underwood helped sustain the Muscle Shoals Wastewater Treatment Plant using ingenious methods until the city could commit to a $13 million upgrade.
Worth Noting - March 2013 Daredevil Gator Daredevil Gator Sowing for Savings Sowing for Savings
The City of Boise goes into business for itself with a farm fertilized by dewatered biosolids from its two wastewater treatment plants.
Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer
A Florida Keys city uses five advanced treatment plants in an innovative arrangement that saves money while protecting critical water resources.
Lagoon aerator includes water cannon for foam suppression Lagoon aerator includes water cannon for foam suppression Product News - March 2013 Product News - March 2013 Pumps Pumps Cruising to Compliance Cruising to Compliance
A real-time ferric chloride feed controller optimizes phosphate removal, saves money, and eases permit worries at a Wisconsin treatment plant.
Whole New Look Whole New Look
A decorative wall, plantings and artwork create visual appeal and a positive image for the wastewater treatment plant in Dunedin, Fla.
Letters Names Do Matter
The solid end product of a clean-water plant is a beneficial thing. We shouldn’t persist in calling it by an ugly and offensive name.
To Nitrify or Denitrify? To Nitrify or Denitrify?
A training session on nitrogen removal turns into a troubleshooting venture that helps a plant team correct operating issues and achieve permit compliance.
Industry News - March 2013 Total Solutions Total Solutions
A holistic approach to odor control looks at key treatment plant areas and applies innovative approaches in the collection system.
Spreading the Word Spreading the Word
MWRD of Greater Chicago builds awareness through its award-winning biosolids program and receives national recognition for public education.
Sewage to Energy Sewage to Energy
Philadelphia installs an innovative wastewater geothermal system as part of a larger strategic plan to save energy and use more renewable energy sources.
Pumps Pumps

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People Make The Difference People Make The Difference
A dedicated team of longtime employees makes sure Hardin County Water District No. 2 customers have the best-tasting water in Kentucky.
Worth Noting - March 2013 Virtual Visitors Virtual Visitors
Evanston water utility hosts “Tweet Along” to extend its reach beyond the traditional plant tour.
Material Matters Material Matters
Polyethersulfone (PES) chemistry helps give greater fiber strength and efficiency to TARGA II HF treatment units from Koch Membrane Systems.
Out With Fe and Mn Out With Fe and Mn
A variety of treatments can remove iron and manganese. The choice depends on contaminant concentrations, the volume treated and other factors.
Clean Treatment Clean Treatment
The City of Ripon maintains VOC compliance and keeps chemical and energy use low with tray tower aeration and support from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Whatever It Takes Whatever It Takes
Operator initiative and resourcefulness have won accolades for a Florida water treatment plant that is always looking for ways to improve operations and aesthetics.
Time to Think Time to Think
Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority used a slowdown in demand as an opportunity to reflect and plan. The results have been outstanding.
Product News - March 2013 Product News - March 2013 New Pump and Fan Drive  Boosts Efficiency and Redundancy New Pump and Fan Drive Boosts Efficiency and Redundancy Tanks, Structures and Components Tanks, Structures and Components Working On (not in) the Business
A slowdown in business can be a good thing. It can free up time for creative and strategic thinking that builds a stronger foundation for the future.
Industry News - March 2013 Industry News - March 2013 Tanks, Structures and Components Tanks, Structures and Components Least Resistance Least Resistance
Bearing protector rings at a Kansas facility reduce the risk of variable-frequency drive voltage causing bearing distress.