Product News - March 2013

Product News - March 2013
Airmaster rotating water cannon aerator

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SJE-Rhombus AB control system

The Eco Smart Station AB control system from SJE-Rhombus is powered by Allen-Bradley Powerflex 400 variable-frequency drives and controlled by the MicroLogix 1400 PLC. The life station control panel is housed in an Arc Armor Enclosure and features the PanelView Plus color display. 888/342-5753;

Moyno L-Frame cavity pump

The L-Frame progressing cavity pump from Moyno can handle clean, thin and shear-sensitive products, as well as viscous, corrosive and abrasive slurries. Features include non-pulsating metered flow, long life, vibration-free operation, viscosities over 1 million cps, capacities to 450 gpm and pressure to 2,100 psi. 877/486-6966;

Guardair worker cleaning station

The Personnel Cleaning Station vacuum from Guardair Corp. cleans dust, powders and debris off worker clothing, eliminating self-cleaning with compressed air and providing compliance with OSHA directive STD 01-13-001 that prohibits the use of a gun, pipe or cleaning lance for self-cleaning. The unit weighs 13 pounds and includes a 5.5-gallon container, pre-drilled mounting bracket, 10-foot hose and air-agitator brush. 800/482-7324;


Airmaster rotating water cannon aerator

The Turbo X-Treme 50 hp floating/surface water cannon from Airmaster Aerator pumps 12.5 million gpd. Powered by a separate 7.5 hp grinder pump, the cannon rotates 360 degrees in 1 minute, 35 seconds, spraying 100 gallons of water per minute in a 230-foot diameter. A chemical injection port for adding enzymes and de-foamers is available. 888/813-3680;

APG heavy-duty pressure transducers

PT-400 heavy-duty pressure transducers (5.3 inches by 1.5 inches wide) from the Automation Products Group are ATEX and IECEx certified, rated EX II 1G ex ia IIB T4 Ga for use in hazardous locations. Featuring all stainless steel welded construction, the transducers are designed to withstand shock, vibration and high pressure spikes through a range of operating temperatures from -40 to 180 degrees F and pressures to 20,000 psi. 888/525-7300;

Reed PE electrofusion scraper

The PE scraper from Reed Manufacturing Co. removes dirt and oxidation from the outside diameter of pipe in preparation for the electrofusion process. Features include a non-skid, spring-loaded blade to keep constant pressure on the pipe for a smooth, finished surface. The scraper can be used anywhere along the pipe. A 6-inch clearance is required for turning the scraper around the pipe. 800/666-3691;

Watson-Marlow chemical injection pumps

The 520R high-pressure chemical injection metering pump from the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group offers flows to 55 gph and pressures to 100 psi. The tube element and pump head design enables the unit to be utilized in applications requiring accurate metering, dosing and transferring of harsh chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulfate, fluoride, carbon and lime slurries, polymers, aqueous ammonia, potassium permanganate and caustic slurries. 800/282-8823;

GoatThroat remote discharge taps

The RT Series of remote discharge taps from GoatThroat Pumps offers precise control of fluid delivery to point-of-use for low-viscosity liquids. The thermoplastic, injection-molded, hand-operated taps deliver drops to gallons of liquids to beakers, weighing scales or day tanks from the original chemical source. 866/639-4628;

KROHNE Tantalum mass flowmeter

The Tantalum straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter from KROHNE, a version of the Optimass 7300, measures highly aggressive or corrosive fluids that require glass-lined piping or glass-line process vessels. Tantalum has similar chemical resistance to glass and is typically used with chemicals such as hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric and phosphoric acids, or bromine and chlorine. The meter intelligently tunes itself, independent of external forces and fluid density. 800/356-9464;

Fluid Components flow switch/monitor

The FS10A analyzer flow switch/monitor from Fluid Components International is designed for use with 1/8- to 1/2-inch tubing. Electronics can be integrally mounted or remote-mounted from the sensor element. There are no moving parts to foul or clog and no cavities, orifices or dead-legs to trap or contaminate samples. Applications include liquid or gas analyzer sampling systems with choice of electronic outputs, including open collector, relay and 4-20 mA. Limit alarms are programmable for time delay and/or hysteresis. 800/854-1993; www.fluid

Valve Boss portable valve exerciser

The Valve Boss model 70 portable, one-person valve exerciser and operation machine from Singleton Equipment has a Honda four-stroke engine and weighs 27 pounds. Applications include distribution valve exercising, wastewater sluice gate operation and stormwater/levee district valve operation. It also can be used as a powerhead for pipe-tapping equipment. 225/226-8668;

Larson Electronics rail-mount LED work light

The Magnalight WAL-JH-2XWP400 rail-mount LED work light from Larson Electronics features dual LED light heads and mounting options with adjustable J-hook ladder-mount bracket. The light produces 2,924 lumens of white light, distributed in a flood pattern, illuminating 15,000 square feet of work space. 800/369-6671;

Endress+Hauser ultrasonic interface sensor

The Turbimax CUS71D ultrasonic immersion sensor from Endress+Hauser is designed for interface measurements in processes where suspensions are separated into liquid and solid components by sedimentation. It can continuously monitor the separation and transition zones of the clarification and settling phases. One sensor can be connected to a CM442 transmitter; up to four sensors can be connected to a CM444 or CM448 transmitter. 888/363-7377;

Versa-Matic pump support app

The Versa-Matic mobile application from Warren Rupp supports air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps, enabling users to locate information related to a specific pump. Downloadable at, the app also provides chemical compatibility information, as well as catalogs, training and service videos. 419/526-7296;

Festo scalable water control system

The off-the-shelf modular and scalable water treatment control system from Festo Corp. provides operators with a graphical overview of the treatment process in real time. Graphical animation and touch-sensitive areas on the operator terminal create an intuitive interface. Touching the image of a valve, filter or pump brings up detailed information, including level, pressure, temperature and flow. 800/993-3786;

Omega turbine meter with pulse output

The FTB-630 series of turbine meters from Omega Engineering has a non-resettable mechanical totalizer for 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch pipe. Made of cast iron and epoxy coated, the meters have an optional pulse output and can be equipped with magnetic pulse reed sensors for remote totalizing, pacing of electronic metering pumps, and water treatment applications. 800/826-6342;


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