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Roof hatch

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Fabric buildings

ClearSpan Fabric Structures Hercules truss arch buildings feature high clearances and spacious interiors without support posts. They are outfitted with triple-galvanized structural steel frames that will hold up in corrosive environments. Rip-stop polyethylene covers let natural light shine through, eliminating the need for daytime artificial lighting and lowering energy costs. The buildings are custom-engineered to fit the requirements of the specific location, such as snow load or foundation type. They can be permanent or temporary, are easy to relocate, and can be built to any length and up to 300 feet wide. 866/643-1010; www.clearspan.com/adwso.


Roof hatch

The Bilco Company’s enhanced-performance roof hatch is designed for buildings seeking LEED certification and for those located in areas with extreme temperature conditions. It meets LEED standards for recycled content, and features a cover and curb that are fully insulated with a 2-inch polyisocyanurate thermal insulation board. The cover features an EPDM finger-type gasket that ensures a positive seal with the curb to reduce air permeability and ensure energy performance. It has been tested and approved to BS EN standards for weathertightness, sound rating and security. It is fabricated from aluminum, and features counter-balanced lift assistance for easy one-hand operation, an automatic hold-open arm, a heavy-duty slam latch with interior and exterior padlocks, and the Bil-Clip flashing system for installation on single-ply roofs. 203/934-6363; www.bilco.com.


Drive chains

DuraMax H78 and H82 cast stainless steel drive chains are heat-treated and through-hardened cast aerospace-grade high-chromium-nickel alloys that provide maximum resistance to chemical attack, wear and corrosion in any water treatment equipment application. The drive chains have the highest strength and working load rating of any drive chain in their class, resulting in long service life and very low maintenance. They feature a 10-year (non-prorated) chain and sprocket warranty. 800/691-0998; www.duramaxchain.com.


Mixing system

Caldwell’s TAP-APP air pulse protection mixing system is an active mixer that utilizes pulses of air to mix potable water storage tanks. The system incorporates advantages of both active and passive technologies to produce consistent and thorough mixing while using no moving parts or requiring maintenance within the water container. Air pulses are calibrated during installation to ensure complete tank mixing according to tank size and style, while mixing cycles are scheduled according to the specific mixing needs and around daily peak energy periods. This technology greatly reduces typical tank mixing times, even in tall or large-capacity tanks, which allows the use of intermittent pulsing cycles, which reduce operating costs. 502/964-3361; www.caldwelltanks.com.


Geodesic dome

The OptiDome from CST Covers is a flush batten aluminum geodesic dome that features a double web I-beam for strength and stability, plus batten seal technology that eliminates environmental exposure and UV degradation. Its hub cover technology removes the need for exterior sealant at the nodes, eliminating routine maintenance and inspection requirements. The enclosed gasket design protects from UV and sealant degradation, reduces sealant use, and eliminates ponding. It is compliant to Euro-Code, Aluminum Association Design Manual 2010 and International Building Code 2012. 913/621-3700; www.cstcovers.com.


Bladder tank

Husky Portable Containment bladder tanks are available in sizes from 25 to 50,000 gallons, and are constructed from XRs, PVCs and military-spec urethanes. All hardware is stainless steel, and the bladders include access panels, maneuvering straps near the corners and every 5 feet down the sides, flame arrestors, double “T”-style vents and mushroom vents. Bladders are tagged, signed and dated with inspection labels. Storage bags and field repair kits are included, and ground covers and sunscreens in various weights are optional. The company will manufacture custom bladders or pillow tanks to meet requirements and specifications. 800/260-9950; www.huskyportable.com.


Composite molded gratings

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic molded gratings from Fibergrate Composite Structures feature slip-resistant surfaces that include meniscus and integrally applied grit tops. The non-slip surface of the grating, along with its ability to not rust or rot, provides workers with added safety. The gratings are lightweight, easy to install and fabricate, and are available with square or rectangular mesh, and in numerous resin formulations and grating configurations. 972/349-7292; www.fibergrate.com.


Storage tank

Fisher Tank Company’s welded steel aboveground storage tanks and standpipes are designed and fabricated to AWWA D-100 standards, and are constructed on site. Tanks can be designed to include aeration and mixing systems, ladders and handrails, exterior piping, and other systems and appurtenances as dictated by the site, weather conditions, water usage and other factors. The tanks offer flexibility in design, exterior painting colors, patterns and images, and future modification options. The tank pictured is a 5 MMG, 90-foot by 105-foot, 6-inch welded steel standpipe designed, fabricated, constructed and painted for the Saratoga County Water Authority, N.Y. This tank includes a stainless steel interior mixing system and an air diffuser system that prevents icing within the tank. 803/359-4173; www.fishertank.com.


Dome roof

HMT’s Geodesic Dome Roofs are custom-engineered to accommodate a wide range of shapes, spans and operating service conditions. They can be designed to accommodate various special loading and design conditions, specifications and requirements. Ideal for both new tank construction and tank retrofit projects, the roofs are fabricated from high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy materials that resist chemical, UV and ozone degradation. The structure is designed to be clear span and self-supporting from the tank shell, eliminating the need for internal supports. 281/681-7000; www.hmttank.com.


Weir gates

Weir gates from Hydro Gate feature self-adjusting UHMW seals in the primary slot of the frame to prevent metal-to-metal contact between the slide and frame. These seals provide exceptional water tightness as well as ensuring low friction operation. J-seals are used across the invert member to complete the sealing system and ensure true weiring functionality. The gates are available with manual or motor-operated lifts. 800/678-8228; www.hydrogate.com.


Tension fabric building

Legacy Building Solutions’ fabric buildings incorporate structural-steel beams instead of open-web trusses, providing a high level of flexibility for a variety of building applications. The beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside a tube, and have multiple coating options, including hot dip galvanizing, red oxide primer and powder coat paint. The buildings can be customized beyond the confines of standard sizes to the exact width, length and height required, allowing for much wider doors and side doors. Structures can be modified to provide desired eave extensions and interior columns. They can also be engineered to handle additional loads for conveyors, sprinklers and other systems. They feature polyethylene fabric roofs that eliminate the corrosion concerns associated with metal-constructed facilities, and allow natural light to permeate the structure, while insulation can be added to meet energy codes when required. 877/259-1528; www.legacybuildingsolutions.com.

Potable water tank lining

International Paint’s Devoe Bar-Rust 234P is a solvent-free epoxy, low-temperature potable water tank lining system designed to meet the industry’s need for low VOC compliance. The 100 percent solids, high-build water tank lining system is ideal for new construction and rehabilitation installations because of its fast cure, 2:1 mixing ratio, and single coat application capability — even in temperatures as low as 35 degrees F. It carries an NSF/ANSI 61 certification for potable water use and cures to a hard, high-gloss finish for a safe, clean and maintenance-free installation. The system is applied with a plural airless sprayer directly to the water tank’s carbon or stainless steel interior. 877/234-5268; www.international-pc.com.


Safety railing system

Key Lite safety rail systems from Kee Safety are constructed of high-grade aluminum silicon magnesium alloy for strength and corrosion resistance, and are OSHA-compliant. They are easy to install, requiring only a hex tool and pipe cutters. The lightweight components feature smooth contours and recessed set screws for an aesthetic appearance, and are designed to fit 1-inch to 2-inch Schedule 40 pipe sizes. The system is a pipe-fitted structure connected by a variety of Kee Lite safety components. The railings can be installed for use inside or outside, and the modular design allows for reconfiguration. 800/851-5181; www.keesafety.com.


Water quality management system

The Tank Shark management system from Process Solutions can provide real-time water samples and automated chlorine and chloramine injection to maintain required levels while mixing the tank. The system can manage the addition of on-site generated hypochlorite, bulk hypochlorite, gas chlorine or aqueous ammonia. Aeration is also available to reduce VOCs, which in turn, lower TTHMs. The system has no mechanical or electrical components inside the water storage vessel, and installation doesn’t require penetration in the tank or for the tank to be taken out of service. This system is SCADA-compatible. 408/370-6540; www.4psi.net.


Mixer and discharger

The Silo Discharger from Sodimate ensures a smooth discharge of dry chemicals while also mixing the product to ensure a consistent blend in water treatment applications. The unloader rotates within the container bottom to prevent non-flowing materials from jamming, bridging or compacting as often seen with vibration and fluidization systems. The discharger was specifically designed for difficult dry chemicals such as lime, powdered activated carbon (PAC) and soda ash. It can also integrate up to four volumetric screw feeders, with each screw feeder totally independent and capable of up to 15,000 lbs./hr with different lengths and throughput variations. 773/665-8800; www.sodimate-inc.com.

Flange outlet

The integrally molded flange outlet (IMFO) from Poly Processing is a seamless, molded-in flange that’s part of a strong polyethylene tank that preserves the hoop integrity or the structural component of a vessel. Not only is the threat of crack propagation from mechanical fittings or inserts eliminated, the flange tooling is placed at the bottom sidewall, maximizing tank volume through a full drain. This allows all maintenance to be performed outside the tank. 866/590-6845; www.polyprocessing.com.


Tank design

Tank manufacturer Tank Connection offers online tools that make it possible to select and specify a tank in less than five minutes. Capacity calculators are easy to use and have become the industry standard for quick reference. Specifications for AWWA D103, AWWA D100, FM, API and FIELD-WELD tanks may be downloaded and customized for customer needs. Reference designs for RTP bolted construction, shop-weld and field-weld construction are also available on the page. 623/423-3010; www.tankconnection.com.

Tank cover

Defender tank covers from Environetics are custom-manufactured to fit new or existing wastewater treatment or potable water tanks. Odor control covers contain volatile organic compounds at their source. 815/838-8331; www.environetics.com.


Trihalomethane removal system

The Trihalomethane Removal System (TRS) from PAX Water Technologies is an aeration system that reduces THMs in water storage tanks. By using sprayers, surface aerators, tank mixers and performance modeling software, TRS is able to maximize effectiveness while minimizing energy cost. Municipalities that combine TRS with other water quality improvements can achieve Stage 2 D/DBP goals more quickly and at a lower cost. 866/729-6493; www.paxwater.com.


Tank and clarifier

The ZICKERT Shark from WesTech Engineering offers rectangular tanks and lamella plate clarifiers for drinking water purification plants based on the forward and return movement of hydrodynamically designed rake sections. The concave faces of the sections transport the sediment toward a sludge pit. During return movement, the wedge-shaped parts of the sections slide under the sludge blanket, providing continuous and unidirectional transport. The robust and simple design has few moving parts, can be powered by hydraulic or electric motors, and provides the same results whether it is pulled or pushed. It is also easy to install and maintain, offering complete sludge transport without dead zones or turbulence. 801/265-1000; www.westech-inc.com.


Clarifier and thickener steel tankage

Shop- and field-erected tanks for clarifiers and thickeners from Hi-Tech Environmental Inc., A Div. of Kusters Water, can be manufactured in accordance with API-650, and custom designed to suit each customer’s needs. The tanks are available in carbon and 304 and 316 stainless steel. 800/264-7005; www.kusterswater.com.


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