Lagoon aerator includes water cannon for foam suppression

Lagoon aerator includes water cannon for foam suppression
Airmaster aerator magnum 50 hp water cannon

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A 50 hp floating aerator designed for lagoon systems by Airmaster Aerator also includes a rotating water cannon that sprays water constantly from above for foam suppression when required.

The unit functions as both a lagoon aerator and foam suppression system. The high-efficiency Turbo X-Treme Magnum water cannon pumps up to 12.5 mgd. Powered by a separate 7.5 hp grinder pump, the water cannon rotates 360 degrees in 1 minute, 35 seconds, spraying out more than 100 gpm in a 230-foot diameter. Depending on the application, the device can achieve foam suppression, aeration, evaporation and cooling.

"If you have a lagoon or basin with foaming issues, instead of adding foam suppression chemicals, you can install this unit and have foam suppression incorporated with the aerator," says Dean Caldwell, principal.

An impeller draws water into the unit and pressurizes it in a header. For aeration, a common shaft drives a pump and a turbine air blower so that as water sprays out, air is injected. The water cannon can be activated with a separate switch. A hood protects the motor from the elements. The system uses a synchronous belt drive.

The aerator performs especially well in high-foam applications, according to Caldwell. A chemical injection port for adding enzymes and defoamers is available as an option. Constructed of stainless steel, the device is built for reliable, long-term operation. 888/813-3680;


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