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Beyond Net Zero Beyond Net Zero
A California wastewater treatment plant uses hauled-in high-BOD wastes to maximize biogas production and generate more power than it uses.
Worth Noting - December 2012 Tackling Tough Wastes Tackling Tough Wastes
A new MBR plant in Port Rowan successfully handles a high-strength mixture of regular influent, septage, portable toilet waste and landfill leachate.
Savings in the Mix Savings in the Mix
The Gallatin treatment plant turns to lime stabilization to cut biosolids costs significantly and deliver a beneficial product to local farmers.
Custom baffle system offers versatility, durability Custom baffle system offers versatility, durability Product News - December 2012 Product News - December 2012 Energy Management and Sustainability Energy Management and Sustainability Tall, Tall Trees Tall, Tall Trees
Plantings of white pines and white spruces will help screen the Traverse City treatment plant from visitors to a hiking and biking trail beside the property.
Driving Home a Simple Point
There’s a role for education in helping clean-water agencies deal with problems caused by the proliferation of wipe products.
Knowing What’s Coming Knowing What’s Coming
Industries are not the only sources of discharges that can upset treatment plants. Residential abusers can have big impacts, too.
Industry News - December 2012 Industry News - December 2012 What’s Flushable? What Isn’t? What’s Flushable? What Isn’t?
The proliferation of “wipes” is causing widespread problems in sewerage systems. A group in Maine is helping lead the search for responsible remedies.
Affordable Compliance Affordable Compliance
Submerged Attached Growth Reactor technology helps a small community meet effluent ammonia limits without replacing its lagoon system.
Cleaning Up and Conserving Cleaning Up and Conserving
Macon Water Authority’s public outreach efforts are recognized with multiple awards from a Georgia association.
Showcasing Green Showcasing Green
A Massachusetts treatment plant takes advantage of federal stimulus funds to help pay for a $22 million upgrade that includes renewables and energy efficiency.
Energy Management and Sustainability Energy Management and Sustainability

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Driven by Invention Driven by Invention
Manchester’s Lake Massabesic treatment plant thrives on innovation and has earned prestigious awards for outstanding drinking water.
Worth Noting - November/December 2012
WSO invites your national, state or local association to post notices and news items in the Worth Noting column.
Straight to the People Straight to the People
Water conservation education pays big dividends in helping the City of Durham, N.C., get through two severe droughts.
An Insidious Threat An Insidious Threat
Arsenic contamination in drinking water wells is a common concern. A variety of technologies are effective in removing arsenic from well water.
Potent Against Parasites Potent Against Parasites
A closed-vessel UV disinfection system effectively neutralizes Cryptosporidium and Giardia while avoiding chlorine byproducts and conserving energy.
Taking  Ownership Taking Ownership
Operator teams in Chandler, Ariz., contributed ideas that drove process changes leading to major savings in power costs and chemicals.
Worth Their Salt Worth Their Salt
Extensive training on new technology spelled success for operators at a groundwater demineralization plant, while they faced challenges at three surface water plants.
From Wings to Water From Wings to Water
Eden Prairie’s Kevin Horgan made a fast transition from helicopter and airliner mechanic to leading a high-performing water treatment plant maintenance team.
Projects & Awards Product News - November/December 2012 Product News - November/December 2012 Programmable Lock And Key System Offers Access Control Programmable Lock And Key System Offers Access Control Tanks, Structures and Components Tanks, Structures and Components Which Side of the Fence?
The water profession has its wastewater and drinking water sides. How do operators compare the two for challenges, rewards, respect, work conditions?
Industry News - November/December 2012 Industry News - November/December 2012 Helping Hands Helping Hands
Neighboring utilities responded with personnel and equipment to help an Indiana water company get back in service after a severe tornado.
Tanks, Structures and Components Tanks, Structures and Components Out of Sight Out of Sight
Leak correlation technology helps a rural Arkansas water district recover non-revenue water that never surfaced.