Programmable Lock And Key System Offers Access Control

Programmable Lock And Key System Offers Access Control
CyberLock security system from Videx

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The CyberLock security system from Videx lets users track and control access throughout a water treatment facility, even during power outages.

An audit trail provided by electromechanical lock cylinders and programmable keys helps facilities meet U.S. EPA security guidelines, enabling users to control and monitor access to entry gates, chemical feed areas, wells and other secured areas. The electronic locks and keys record openings, including unauthorized attempts to gain entry.

More than 280 electromechanical cylinder designs are available. The brass cylinders with stainless steel contact pins contain a unique ID and retrofit to existing mechanical hardware. An encrypted access code enables the cylinder to identify the system to which it belongs. If data does not match, or the key is not scheduled to access a lock, access is denied.

No wiring or battery is needed. Cylinders are energized by the battery in the key (replaceable or rechargeable). Cylinders record the last 1,100 authorized and denied access events and contain a list of locks the user is allowed to open, including days and times. It also recognizes lost or stolen keys to keep unauthorized personnel from gaining access. Standard built-in security features include torque resistance, pick resistance and stun gun resistance. Drill-resistant and tamper-resistant high-security options are available.

Information is transferred from the hardware to the software through communication devices. When presented to a Communicator, a key's audit trail is downloaded, and new access privileges are uploaded. Keys hold up to 3,900 access events and can be programmed to expire once a day, once a month or once a year.

An expired key will not work until it is updated. A lost key that is found will not work until it is reactivated by the administrator. Communicators can be installed at a desktop or laptop computer or in the field, making frequent key expirations and access programming convenient.

"The management software is very robust, flexible and user-friendly." says James McGowan, vice president of sales and marketing. "Users can create access schedules based on time, date and authority level, view audit trails of lock and key activities, create customized audit reports, and receive email notifications about specific events."

The system is managed by CyberAudit-Web software. Users can generate customized audit reports and set up email notifications to report suspicious activity, such as unauthorized attempts to open a lock. Facility managers can generate audit reports to share with the EPA to prove diligence in securing water supplies and compliance with security mandates.

Videx offers intelligent key cabinets for secure storage. Unprogrammed keys are stored in the cabinet until an authorized RFID card or PIN is presented. Vault and key activity is managed by CyberAudit-Web and can be viewed by system administrators. 541/738-5500;


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