Energy Management and Sustainability

Energy Management and Sustainability
Cogeneration modules

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Cogeneration modules

Combined heat and power generators from 2G – CENERGY Power Systems Technologies use biogas to generate electricity and heat in wastewater treatment applications. A compact system with integrated control and switchgear, thermal energy distribution system, and advanced enclosure are delivered in modular, plug-and-play units. Containerized units come with all auxiliary equipment including radiators, control cabinets, software, generator and engine. The modules have fully integrated heat recovery systems producing from 200,000 Btu to 7.8 MBtu. Units are sized from 190 kW to 2 MW. 904/579-3217;

Duplex compressors

Single- and two-stage duplex compressors from Jenny Products use two pumps and two electric motors, which can be operated separately or at the same time. This allows the second pump to serve as a backup or complement the first pump for large airflow needs. The duplex compressors are powered by industrial-duty electric motors and come with ASME-certified air tanks. Single-stage models are available with 60- and 80-gallon tanks and provide 19.6 to 55.6 cfm at 125 psi. Two-stage models are available with 120- and 240-gallon capacities and produce 36.6 to 214 cfm at 175 psi.

A directional air shroud and flywheel keep pump temperatures low, and professional-duty Ultimate Blue synthetic pump oil protects pistons, crankshaft, bearings, rings and cylinders through a splash lubrication system. 814/445-3400;

Thermal hydrolysis

The EXELYS thermal hydrolysis system from Kruger USA, used with the company's DLD (digestion-lysis-digestion) configuration, optimizes energy production and solids reduction. Sludge is fed to the first digester, which can operate in a mesophilic or thermophilic state. The material is then dewatered and fed to the EXELYS system. The heat is recovered for steam generation and heating of the first digester. The hydrolyzed sludge is then digested again in the second mesophilic digester. All solids solubilized in the unit are converted to biogas. 919/677-8310;

High-efficiency motors

High-efficiency and premium-efficiency Endura Series motors from Aqua-Aerobic Systems are for Aqua-Jet surface aerators and AquaDDM direct-drive mixers. The motors are available in a variety of ratings and provide long-term performance under severe conditions. They require no greasing and limited maintenance for five years, saving energy and maintenance costs. 800/940-5008;

Small drives

D-Frame VLT drives from Danfoss VLT Drives are rated from 125 to 450 hp and require less panel or wall space than previous models, reducing installation cost and increasing installation flexibility. The drives use back-channel cooling to remove 90 percent of the heat generated by the drive, making them well suited for panel buildings.

The drives are available with IP20, IP21 (NEMA 1) or IP54 (NEMA 12) enclosure protection ratings and come with conformal-coated printed circuit boards, which extend drive life and reliability. The units can be factory-fitted with semiconductor fuses to further reduce installation costs. The back-channel cooling concept keeps electronics safely within optimal operation temperatures. 800/432-6367;

Heat recovery exchangers

Heat recovery exchangers from DDI Heat Exchangers provide non-plug operation despite stringy and sticky materials in municipal sludge. The systems reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provide unobstructed liquid flow. The compact units require a small footprint and provide reliable and maintenance-free operation. 514/696-7961;

Two-pass boilers

Series 250 two-pass semi-wetback Scotch marine boilers from Hurst Boiler & Welding Company are available in steam or hot-water versions from 15 to 800 hp with pressures to 300 psig. The two-pass design eliminates refractory baffles between flue gas passes. Efficiencies are equal to three- and four-pass boilers. The units require minimum maintenance and have durable construction for long life. They offer enhanced heating surfaces with rifled tubes.

Features include a large combustion chamber with low heat release; a front-mounted smoke box with slip-on stack connector; access to the fireside with a rear door and split front doors (flame observation ports front and rear); and openings for clean-out inspection of the waterside with 3- by 4-inch handholes and 12- by 16-inch manholes. 800/666-6414;

Wastewater pumping system

The Flygt Experior wastewater pumping system from Xylem includes Adaptive N-technology that allows the impeller to move axially upward when necessary to permit bulky material or tough debris to pass smoothly, reducing stress on the shaft, seals and bearings. The system is available with premium efficiency motors optimized for wastewater pumping, including models with a Line Started Permanent Magnet (LSPM) design. SmartRun intelligent controls enable the system to be pre-programmed and preset for any situation. The controls can reduce energy consumption by 30 percent. 704/409-9700;

Self-priming pump

The Flowserve MPT self-priming solids-handling pump provides reliable performance while offering versatility, ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership. The pump can pass solids up to 3 inches and handles dirty, gritty water as well as free-flowing slurries, sewage and sewage sludge.

Features include back pullout design; belt-drive protection; quick-disconnect clean-out; quick, external impeller adjustment; and dual sight glasses. Maintenance can be performed without disconnecting piping. The pump offers high-temperature capability, duty flexibility and portability and is dimensionally interchangeable with other pumps. Reliability features include generous wear allowance, oversized shaft and bearings, solid one-piece flap valve, run-dry capability, oil-lubricated double mechanical seal, and hard-faced mechanical seals. 800/728-7867;

Boiler control panels

Watchman pre-wired, pre-programmed boiler control panels from MicroMod Automation & Controls allow users to choose a combustion control strategy and combine it with drum-level control or balance-of-plant controls. A color touch screen provides easy setup and operation. Easy-to-use, password-protected setup screens allow entry of combustion and feedwater curves, engineering unit ranges and other commissioning data.

Operating screens provide information such as burner and boiler status, I/O status, boiler efficiency, and running flow totals as well as alarm and event notification and logging. A built-in Web server allows remote monitoring and operation. Digester gas burner control systems and incinerator controls are also available. 585/321-9246;

Organic biostimulant

BAE (Biological Activity Enhancer) from Prodex (wastewater and bioenergy division of JSH International) is a liquid, organic biostimulant derived from peat. BAE provides wastewater treatment plants with a low-cost, organic alternative to maximize efficiency and meet green initiatives. The additive increases microbe activity and populations. The biostimulant boosts biogas production, reduces operational costs, improves sludge settling, enhances TSS and BOD removal, upgrades effluent quality, and reduces chemical needs. 856/234-4540;

Enclosed drives

The Altivar Plus enclosed drive line from Schneider Electric features the Altivar 61 and 71 adjustable frequency drive/power converter to provide a packaged adjustable speed solution. The drives offer a wide range of power and voltages with an array of options. Altivar 61 variable-torque standard-duty units offer 110 percent current overload for fans, pumps, compressors and screw feeders. They are rated from 125 to 900 hp at 460 VAC or 125 to 800 hp at 690 VAC.

The Altivar 71 constant-torque heavy-duty unit offers 150 percent current overload for mixers, conveyors, hoisting, extruders and cranes. They are available from 100 to 700 hp at 460 VAC or 100 to 700 hp at 690 VAC. The drives include an easy-to-use remote graphic display, slide-out inverter for easy maintenance, 100,000-amp symmetrical short-circuit rating, and swiveling control panel for easy access. 919/266-3671;

Pump technology

Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) for progressive-cavity pumps from seepex provides fast maintenance times and low life-cycle costs due to short assembly times, short maintenance downtime, reduced parts costs, and savings in storage and transport. Pumps with SCT do not need to be removed for maintenance, and no dismantling of piping or removal of other equipment is necessary. With an integrated retensioning device, a simple readjustment of the stator increases service life of the stator and rotor. 937/864-7150;

Non-clog pump

The non-clog pump from Smith & Loveless has an oversized, stainless steel pump shaft that minimizes shaft overhang, reducing shaft deflection and increasing efficiency. The pump impeller is designed for maximum efficiency. By trimming the impellers inside the shrouds, the pump leaves the back shroud full diameter to prevent stringy material from winding around the shaft. In wire-to-water efficiency comparisons, a 10 percent differential in efficiency results in less horsepower drawn by the pump and lower CO2 emissions. Reduced energy demand lowers annual costs. 913/888-5201;

Heat exchangers

APV hybrid fully welded heat exchangers from SPX operate under harsh conditions. The units take up one-fifth to one-tenth the space of tubular space heat exchangers. The high-efficiency units reduce weight, ground area, piping and valve costs. They are mechanically cleanable on the tube side. A full range of gasketed semi- and fully welded plate heat exchangers are available. Gasketed units can fit most applications with scalable configurations. Units have heat transfer areas up to 28,000 square feet and flow rates up to 19,815 gpm. 800/828-7667;

High-head pumps

Godwin HL series Dri-Prime pumps from Xylem offer high-head capabilities and are designed for jetting and handle raw sewage, sludges and liquids with solids up to 3 inches. The pumps offer discharge head capabilities to 600 feet or 260 psi with a single-stage impeller, automatic priming from dry to 28 feet, diesel or gas engines or electric motors, dry-running oil bath seal with abrasion-resistant silicon carbide interfaces, and cast chromium steel impeller for long life.

Options include diesel engine or electric motor, 316 or CD4Mcu stainless steel pump-end construction for high- and low-pH applications, highway trailer or skid mount for overnight running with fuel tanks, and sound attenuated enclosures. 856/467-3636;

Anaerobic digestion system

The advanced anaerobic digestion system from Siemens Water Technologies includes Crown disintegration equipment, a Jet Mix hydraulic mixer and the Dystor expandable digester cover. The disintegration equipment disrupts sludge cells to improve gas yield, the mixer lowers energy use and eliminates settling, and the digester cover increases biogas storage and prevents odors. All components can be retrofitted.

The Crown equipment boosts gas production while the Dystor cover stores up to three times more gas than conventional digester covers. The gas can be used to dry sludge cake when fed to a Siemens sludge belt dryer (SBD), which uses convective, low heat (about 350 degrees F) to evaporate water. By operating at a low temperature, the SBD can use exhaust from a biogas-fueled engine to reduce drying costs. 866/926-8420;

Biogas conditioning system

The BioCNG biogas conditioning system from Unison Solutions economically converts biogas into fuel for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Biogas is piped to the conditioning system from an anaerobic digester or landfill. Hydrogen sulfide, moisture, siloxanes, volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide are removed. The fuel is then routed to a CNG fueling station and compressed.

The fuel contains more than 88 percent methane and meets or exceeds SAE J1616 criteria for CNG fuel. The system produces up to 1,100 gasoline gallons equivalent (GGE) per day. The fuel can also be supplemented or paralleled with natural gas if additional volume is required. Production cost per GGE is $0.65 to $1.15. The fueling station typically includes a compression system, storage tanks and fuel dispensers. 563/585-0967;

Speed reducers and gearmotors

Cyclo 6000 series speed reducers and gearmotors from Sumitomo are inline drivers that provide quiet, efficient and reliable performance and enable the drives to withstand momentary overloads exceeding 500 percent of their ratings.

The drives use internal components made of hardened, vacuumed-degassed, bearing-grade steel to provide low vibration and noise, low backflash and long life. Standard specifications include a ratio range of 3:1 to 119:1 (single), 104:1 to 7,569:1 (double), and 8,041:1 to 658,508:1 (triple); 10 to 235 hp; and torque capacity of 55 to 603,000 lb-in. 800/762-9256;

Enclosure air conditioners

Enclosure air conditioners from Thermal Edge provide a closed-loop, temperature-controlled solution for enclosures subject to heat, salt and contaminants. They allow sensitive components and systems to operate within designed parameters. 972/580-0200;

Floating bioreactor

The Floating BioReactor system from TVT-Bio addresses odor control, sludge reduction and electrical cost. It reduces BOD loading by 73 percent and provides pH stabilization. The system can be designed for plant-specific needs. It offers effective DO control, reducing odor complaints and improving work environments. The system can reduce power expense by 30 to 40 percent. Horsepower required for water movement is significantly reduced, saving power. Reduction of BOD and pH stabilization creates a healthy, balanced and sustainable system. 585/264-1058;

Pump control panel

The ECO SMART STATION control panel from SJE-Rhombus provides a safe, simple, energy-efficient solution for pump control in municipal lift stations. The panel integrates the Energy View controller with the variable-frequency drive technology in a multiple-compartment enclosure to reduce exposure to arc flash and save energy.

The controller is powered by kW Logix software, which provides 30 percent energy savings. The color touch-screen HMI provides level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data logging, alarm log and historical trending. The auto-tuning function searches for the Best Efficiency Frequency (BEF). During high-flow conditions, the software can switch to PID operation for optimum energy efficiency and resume cycle-based operation when normal flow returns. 888/342-5753;


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