CAS DataLoggers T&D RTR-502 wireless temperature data logger

The T&D RTR-502 wireless temperature data logger from CAS DataLoggers has a temperature-sensing range of 76 degrees below zero to 311 degrees F and a measurement resolution of 32.18 degrees F. The data logger has an LCD that can be viewed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit; is constructed with a rugged, compact, water-resistant design; and has a large-capacity, 16,000-point memory. Units have a battery life of about 10 months with an option to upgrade to a large capacity battery pack enabling about 4 years’ operation. The base station connects wirelessly to the loggers and automatically downloads the recorded temperature data. If an out-of-tolerance condition occurs, notification is shown by a local LED lamp and an email alert is sent immediately. 800-956-4437;


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