Distillation/Fluoridation Equipment and Microbiological Control - OMI Industries Ecosorb

Ecosorb from OMI Industries goes beyond simple masking agents to fully neutralize odors in wastewater treatment. A safe, natural solution, it operates as a plant-based emulsion. It’s often diluted with water to form droplets that are then applied via atomization using an odor control system. Once dispersed, this mix captures malodor molecules to fully neutralize the odor. It remains airborne until the droplet saturates and falls to the ground. It helps solve malodor problems in wastewater treatment through a combination of odor-control chemistry distributed through a specially designed feed system. A broad-spectrum odor control product, it is scientifically formulated to react with odorous gases. Application areas can include headworks, clarifiers, sedimentation basins, lift stations, lagoons, biosolids treatment, industrial wastewater and wastewater septage dumping. 800-662-6367; www.omi-industries.com


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