The Fybroc advanced reinforced composite centrifugal pump from CECO Environmental is designed to handle corrosive liquids. Its fiberglass components use the Resin Transfer Molding, or RTM, process, which allows for the controlled placement of continuous-strand fiberglass mat in high-stress areas. An irreversible chemical reaction during a curing process creates cross-links between a material’s molecular chains, giving the cured polymer a 3D structure as a higher degree of rigidity than it possessed prior to curing. The carefully oriented continuous-strand fiberglass mat provides components with excellent physical strength and properties. Thermoset materials do not remelt. The RTM technique optimizes both strength and corrosion-resistance. Critical components such as the single-piece casing permits the handling of normal pipe loads under full working pressures, extends the life of this component and provides strength without degradation in corrosive environments. 800-333-5475; 


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