Grit Handling/Removal/Hauling - Envirodyne Systems OctoCell

The OctoCell stacked-tray-type grit removal system from Envirodyne Systems reduces headloss and increases grit removal efficiency. Custom designs are available for all applications, including retrofits. It offers a small footprint, coarse to fine grit removal, and individual tentacles/hoses connected at the inlet for operator access and control. The flow path to each tray is the same size and length to better equalize pressure drops. Designs are available to engage/disengage trays automatically based on flow variations. Water and air scour lines or mechanical means can be supplied to fluidize the grit and further scrub organics. A variety of grit pumping options is available, including airlift, vacuum-primed and self-priming. 717/763-0500;


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