Chlorination/Dechlorination - Scienco/FAST - a division of Bio-Microbics Inc. SciCHLOR

The SciCHLOR sodium hypochlorite generator from Scienco/FAST - a division of Bio-Microbics Inc. is designed to give a large span of markets a safe and effective way to disinfect. With salt, water, and electricity, the system with multi-pass SciCELL Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA) technology will produce an available supply of 10 to 60 pounds chlorine equivalent per day sizes. Connected to an incoming water source (55 to 85 degrees F) and with operating modes of batch, continuous, clean, setup and diagnostic, the brine solution multi-passes through the low-voltage DC electrolytic cell to provide a cost-effective and reliable method for the needs of medium to large on-site disinfection applications. Its recirculation method keeps control of desired chlorine concentration while the assembly minimizes maintenance downtime. 866/652-4539;


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