Product Focus - June 2021

Product Focus - June 2021

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Anua AiraSymBIO

AiraSymBIO from Anua is an on-site, closed-loop odor treatment system that harvests raw wastewater, filters and then treats it for use as the irrigation water in the multistage biological odor treatment system. The system utilizes a water resource already present, thus reducing operating costs, uses no freshwater, and allows the biological odor control system to function as intended, as many areas around the country do not have potable water available at the lift or pump station site or have water conservation initiatives in place, which prohibits the use of biological treatment technologies. 346-225-8033;

Evoqua Water Technologies BTF-Bioscrubber

The BTF-Bioscrubber biological odor control system from Evoqua Water Technologies is an advanced, nonhazardous biological air treatment system that integrates equipment, media and the NUCIRC process for optimal performance and flexibility. Utilizing a dual-stage bio-trickling filter system, which can be operated in both single- or dual-stage modes, applications have achieved 99.9% hydrogen sulfide removal and up to 97.5% of total odor removal during performance testing. The process skid allows operation in recirculation or once through modes, delivering accelerated acclimation without separate startup equipment. Systems are available in both single- and dual-stage options with single-stage recirculated systems suited for treating raw biosolids odors found in pump stations, headworks and primary sedimentation, while dual-stage systems are better suited to handle entire plant odors. 800-466-7873;

Industrial Odor Control Hi-Flow Radial Filter

Industrial Odor Control’s Hi-Flow Radial Filter is an activated carbon radial molecular air scrubber that captures VOCs and particulate matter in a broad range of environments. It has a small footprint but can handle a large volume of air. It can be ducted into existing HVAC systems or be stand-alone with a power blower. It comes in three sizes, the HRF-1.5 holds 1.5 cubic feet of activated carbon, the HRF-5 holds 5 cubic feet, and the HRF-7 holds 7 cubic feet. The units come with Norit Darco’s H2S activated carbon. It is specifically developed for removing hydrogen sulfide from air streams and eliminating sewage odors. It is produced by steam activation of a raw material to provide increased pore volume for adsorption of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odors. These filters are offered with an optional power blower that has a standard voltage in one-phase, but units are also available in three-phase. 866-667-8465;


BioSafe Systems OxyFusion

The OxyFusion system from BioSafe Systems generates peroxyacetic acid on site to meet the disinfection needs of municipal wastewater treatment facilities. This technology is praised for precisely dosing powerful oxidizing chemistry that eliminates pathogens on contact and leaves no harmful residues. The use of concentrated precursor chemistry significantly reduces shipments, providing an economic answer to sustainable disinfection. It comes preassembled and includes a PLC system to make measuring, monitoring and datalogging easy, with reports available via mobile app or offsite browser. 860-290-8890;

Veolia Water Technologies Hydrex

The Hydrex odor control process from Veolia Water Technologies is a redox chemical reaction that combines the Hydrex catalyst with hydrogen peroxide to produce hydroxyl free radicals that quickly and efficiently oxidize sulfide and other malodorous compounds. The process is pH neutral and the only byproduct is dissolved oxygen. The process can be used in headworks, lift stations in the collection system and biosolids dewatering. The catalyst can also be used in the vapor phase in chemical scrubbers, replacing the current use of caustic and bleach for hydrogen sulfide reduction with minimal media fouling and pH adjustment required. The process provides a rapid reaction, using a biodegradable, nonhazardous, cost-effective solution. A capital equipment option customized for the catalyst and designed to treat up to 100 ppm hydrogen sulfide is also available where a new scrubber is required. 919-677-8310;


Force Flow Chlor-Scale Ton Container Scale and Chlor-Scale 150

The Chlor-Scale Ton Container Scale from Force Flow provides an accurate way to monitor the amount of chlorine used in a disinfection process, allowing the operator to document that target disinfection levels have been consistently met and know how much chlorine remains in the tank. The steel, rectangular tube platform is robotically welded and then epoxy powder-coated to ensure maximum strength for safety and durability. The Chlor-Scale 150 provides a simple and reliable way to monitor the amount of chlorine or ammonia used and the amount remaining in the cylinder. The solid PVC scale platform provides a strong defense against the corrosive environments associated with gas-feed applications. 800-893-6723;

Scienco/FAST - a division of BioMicrobics SciCHLOR

SciCHLOR from Scienco/FAST - a division of BioMicrobics is a sodium hypochlorite generator designed to give a large span of markets a safe and effective way to disinfect. With salt, water and electricity, the system with multipass SciCELL electrochemical activation, or ECA, technology will produce an available supply of 10 to 60 pounds chlorine-equivalent/day sizes. Connected to an incoming water source and with multiple operating modes, the brine solution makes multiple passes through the low-voltage DC electrolytic cell to provide a reliable method for the needs of medium to large on-site disinfection applications. Its recirculation method keeps control of desired chlorine concentration while the assembly minimizes maintenance downtime. 866-652-4539;

SWAN Analytical 

USA AMI Trides Analyzers

SWAN Analytical USA AMI Trides Analyzers provide reagentless chlorine measurements in clean water. Self-cleaning reference and flow validation functions ensure reliable results. A complete panel-mounted system makes installation easy. Software, hardware and sensor self-checks, and electronic drift stabilization ensure high confidence in the measurement accuracy. Digital and analog communication options are available. 847-229-1290;


ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan Fabric Structures are a solution for odor mitigation, making them a suitable addition to any treatment plant or wastewater facility. Their durable, 12.5-ounce polyethylene fabric covering lets light and air permeate throughout the structure, allowing for practical energy efficiency and proper odor control. They are available in several temporary and permanent foundation options, including blocks, shipping containers and a helical anchoring system, allowing customers to build their structure nearly anywhere, even on existing foundations. Every building can be individually customized to the needs of any business or operation. 866-643-1010;

JDV Equipment Level Lodor

The Level Lodor from JDV Equipment provides water quality professionals a means to dispose of processed waste, control odors and limit waste exposure to operators. It uses auto-leveling technology to level the waste material. This increases the fill percentage of a dumpster without operator intervention, slide gates or extensive control strategies, while limiting exposure to potentially hazardous material and working conditions. Made for indoor or outdoor use, it can save valuable indoor square footage or eliminate the need for additional building space by installing the system outdoors. The covers are custom made to cover standard 20-, 30- and 40-yard dumpsters, with an overall footprint barely larger than a standard dumpster. The shaftless option uses replaceable ultra-high molecular weight liners that will reduce screw wear. The shafted option can be used for increased efficiency and has easily accessible grease points. 973-366-6556;

Paxxo Longopac Fill

The Longopac Fill continuous bag system from Paxxo can connect to the discharge point of machines used to move, dewater or compact screenings, grit and biosolids. Material is then deposited in a 90-meter-long continuous bag for odor containment and spillage control. The cassette bag can be sealed with ease, and the material and odors are trapped inside, cutting down development of bacteria and fungus spores. 770-502-0055;

Distillation/Fluoridation Equipment and Microbiological Control

Blue-White Industries Proseries-M M-4

The ProSeries-M M-4 from Blue-White Industries is suitable for metering the harsh chemicals associated with the water and wastewater treatment applications. It delivers accurate, smooth and quiet dosing of treatment chemicals. With output rates ranging from 0.002 to 158.5 gph, the peristaltic chemical metering pump is well-suited to dosing chemical into large municipal water and wastewater treatment applications. The peristaltic pumping action ensures the unit will not vapor lock or lose prime, even when using off-gassing chemicals such as such as sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide. Units have CNC-machined squeeze rollers and two alignment rollers for optimum squeeze and tube life. The single-piece, heavy-duty rotor means no flexing as well as increased accuracy, and there are no metal springs or hinges to corrode. 714-893-8529;

Pulsafeeder PulsaPro

The PulsaPro family of hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps from Pulsafeeder is certified by the Water Quality Association to meet health and safety requirements in the North American municipal water industry, including NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 - 2018: Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects; and NSF/ANSI 372 - 2016: Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content. The pumps certified to NSF 61 are part of the next generation of products that can be counted on for a safe and healthy environment. 800-333-6677;


The TOPAX MC multichannel controller from Lutz-JESCO America has a modular design that makes it an adaptable and effective solution for all measurement and control technology requirements. It offers automated efficiency — freedom from repetitive control tasks while providing accuracy and reliability. Users can actuate the dosing pumps using an optocoupler or relay and servomotors by using a relay or a 20mA output. The high-resolution, 5-inch color display offers a user-friendly operating interface, with a simple touch-control and intuitive navigation menu that can be set to multiple languages. Use four analog outputs (0/4-20mA) or the network capability to transfer measured values to a web browser or a telemaintenance point. A programmable interval timer can be used to set automatic alerts for wear-related sensor change. 800-554-2762;

UV Disinfection Equipment

SALCOR 3G UV Wastewater Disinfection Unit

The 3G UV Wastewater Disinfection Unit from SALCOR is used for residential, commercial and municipal applications, and it is UL-certified NEMA 6P flood-proof and NSF/Washington State Protocol six-month tested (with 21 upstream treatment systems). It inactivates bacteria/virus pathogens, including superbugs. Rated at 9,000 gpd gravity flow, it is meant as a reliable building block for large water recovery/reuse systems. When installed in 12-unit parallel/series arrays with ABS pipefittings, systems can disinfect more than 100,000 gpd. Gravity flow equalizes without distribution boxes. Each unit has a foul-resistant Teflon lamp covering, two-year long-life lamp with efficient installation, minimal annual maintenance and energy use of less than 40 watts. 760-731-0745;   


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