Tanks, Structures and Components

Plant infrastructure, including buildings and shelters, clarifiers, covers and domes, and tanks, form the storage side of most potable water treatment systems. Here are several of those products, along with coatings, linings and other components, that enable clean distribution.
Tanks, Structures and Components
Building panel system

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Plant infrastructure, including buildings and shelters, clarifiers, covers and domes, and tanks, form the storage side of most potable water treatment systems. Here are several of those products, along with coatings, linings and other components, that enable clean distribution.


Building panel system

The fiberglass (FRP) COMPOSOLITE building panel system from Strongwell is strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and easy to install as an alternative to corrugated baffle wall systems. The design enables increased column spacing. For retrofits, panels can be mounted to existing columns or attached to H-beams or concrete walls for durability and cost savings. The system can be used with EXTREN structural shapes to form an all-FRP composite system (except for the stainless steel fasteners). 276/645-8000; www.strongwell.com.


Fabric truss arch structure

The Hercules Truss Arch structure from ClearSpan Fabric Structures can be built up to 300 feet wide and at any length. Its helical anchor pile foundation allows the fabric structures to be temporary or permanent and erected in a short time. Once a building has been shipped, up to 10,000 square feet can be installed per week. Buildings can be easily disassembled and reinstalled. The structure is made from triple-galvanized structural steel tubing and high-density polyethylene rip-stop fabric. 866/643-1010; www.clearspan.com.

Rigid-frame tension fabric building

Fabric buildings from Legacy Building Solutions use a durable rigid frame in place of hollow-tube, open web truss framing. The solid structural steel beams allow multiple coating options, including hot-dip galvanizing, red oxide primer and powder coat. Buildings can be customized for width, length and height. Structures can be modified to provide eave extensions and interior columns and can be engineered to handle additional loads for conveyors, sprinklers and other systems. The buildings have corrosion-free polyethylene fabric roofs. PVC fabrics are also available. The fabric allows natural light to permeate the structure; insulation can be added to meet energy codes. 877/259-1528; www.legacybuildingsolutions.com.

Chemical storage enclosure

Chemical storage enclosures from RM Products provide continuous noncorroding fiberglass material from floor to wall to ceiling. All buildings are factory assembled and ready to use upon delivery. Units can be relocated with a forklift or tilt-and-load truck. 800/363-0867; www.rmfiberglass.com.


Microsand ballasted clarification process

The ACTIFLO microsand ballasted clarification process from Kruger USA combines microsand-enhanced floc formation and microsand-enhanced settling. It effectively treats low-turbidity mountain runoff, reservoir waters with algae, waters with high TOC, hard water, soft water, groundwater, flashy rivers, brackish water and seawater. The process uses microsand as a seed for floc formation that later acts as a ballast. The ballasted floc settles rapidly, allowing compact clarifier designs with high overflow rates and short retention times. 919/677-8310; www.krugerusa.com.

Solids-contact clarifier

Hi-Tech solids-contact clarifiers from Kusters Water suit water and wastewater treatment applications including raw water intake, turbidity removal, cold lime softening, metals removal and other types of high-rate clarification. Collectors and drives in various styles meet job-specific requirements. 800/264-7005; www.kusterswater.com.

Sodium hypochlorite generator

The SciCHLOR sodium hypochlorite generator with SciCELL technology from Scienco/FAST produces hypochlorite on demand from salt, water and electricity. Its compact design includes an integral brine tank, chlorine storage tankage, control panel, multi-pass SciCELL unit and recirculation pump. The design creates a uniform chemical reaction, allowing the system to use a recirculating method for minimal operator attention, automatic production and consistent chlorine strength (up to 0.8 percent). As the hypochlorite is used, the water automatically refills the brine tank. 314/756-9300; www.sciencofast.com.

Water treatment plant

The Trident HS package water treatment plant from WesTech Engineering provides multi-barrier protection for difficult-to-treat surface water, groundwater, industrial process water and tertiary wastewater. It consists of packaged high-rate settling, adsorption clarification, mixed-media filtration and optional UV disinfection. It handles high raw-water turbidity and solids loading and achieves TOC reductions that can exceed 70 percent. 801/265-1000; www.westech-inc.com.

Coatings and Linings

Life-extending lining system

The Raven 405 Series from Raven Lining Systems provides long-term performance in damp environments. Its 100 percent solids, zero-VOC polymers demonstrate adhesion, low porosity and high chemical and abrasion resistance. Its ultra-high build properties make it suitable for overhead and vertical application. It is used on new concrete to protect against corrosion and extend structure life, and can be used on deteriorated structures such as brick, concrete or steel. 800/324-2810; www.ravenlining.com.

Elastomeric polyurea lining system

Rhino Extreme two-component, rapid curing, elastomeric polyurea lining system from Rhino Linings Corporation is formulated for colder substrates and extreme outdoor conditions where water, humidity or low temperatures may exist. When used over geotextile, it is a fast way to install a dependable secondary containment area around tank fields. In less than a day, applicators can create seamless containment linings that cover thousands of square feet. The material offers high hardness and elongation and high tensile strength, and resists tears and abrasion. 858/450-0441; www.rhinoliningsindustrial.com.

Epoxy-modified cement mortar

RestoKrete No. 208 epoxy-modified cement mortar from Sauereisen is a substrate repair material and water-resistant barrier for preventing inflow and infiltration in concrete or brick substrates. It fills voids, irregularities and air pockets in concrete, is pumpable and sprayable, and is easily applied by spin-cast or straight shot methods. It is also trowelable up to 1/2-inch thickness. 412/963-0303; www.sauereisen.com.

Modified epoxy

Dura-Plate 301, a solvent-free, surface and humidity tolerant two-pack modified epoxy from Sherwin-Williams, can be applied over damp steel without dew point restrictions in treatment facilities with pipe galleries. It protects sweating pipes from corrosion and eliminates odors from coatings that contain high levels of solvent. It is suitable for marginal surface preparation, preventing damage to equipment such as treatment pumps and motors that can be affected by abrasive blasting. 800/524-5979; www.sherwin-williams.com/protective.


Floating bird ball blanket

Floating bird ball blankets from Environmental Controls Company (ECC) help solve difficult liquid storage problems. Hollow plastic balls placed on the surface of a liquid automatically arrange themselves into a close-packed formation to cover 91 percent of the surface area. 910/245-2241; www.eccllc.us.

Filter cover

Defender filter covers from Environetics prevent algae growth, contain odor and maintain operating temperatures. Opaque covers block UV light, prohibiting algae growth and keeping filters clean. A mechanical attachment system provides a positive seal for effective odor containment. A low-profile design minimizes internal volume, reducing odor treatment requirements. Covers isolate thermal air masses to maintain operating temperatures and eliminate freezing. Modular construction enables rapid installation. 815/838-8331; www.environeticsinc.com.

Flat cover system

The Composi-Cover flat cover system from Fiberglass Fabricators provides an alternative to aluminum covers. It is easy to install, works on rectangular and round tanks and functions as an algae/weir cover system. It accommodates long, unsupported spans. The system includes large, lightweight access hatches and a variety of penetration options. It resists chemicals, corrosion and UV. After installation, the cover requires minimal maintenance. 888/593-3552; www.fibfab.com.

Floating disc cover system

The LemTec Hexa-Cover from Lemna Technologies adapts to any pond or tank and offers odor, algae and evaporation control and heat retention. It incorporates hexagonal discs made of recycled polypropylene with interlocking edges and a buttressed profile that allows for self-leveling, adjustment and dispersion, ensuring maximum surface area coverage in all conditions. It installs quickly with low cost and little equipment. It has discreet discs that distribute themselves across the water surface to accommodate any basin equipment, piping or water level fluctuations. 612/253-2000; www.lemnatechnologies.com.


Quick-opening manway

Quick-opening manways (watertight doors) from Chase Associates provide access to concrete and steel tanks and can be installed in new construction or retrofitted. They provide safe ground-level access during tank construction and quick, secure entry over the tank’s life. In-swing styles seal an ASME flanged and dished cover against a liquid-tight, replaceable gasket. A hand-wheel release operates only when the tank is empty and provides access within seconds without tools. Out-swing styles secure an ASME cover with threaded hand knobs. Security covers are available for tanks in public locations. Units are available in mild steel, stainless steel and other alloys. 888/626-9297; www.manways.com.

Safety gate

The XL Series adjustable self-closing safety gate from FabEnCo fits openings up to 60 inches at ladderways, platforms, stairs, catwalks and mezzanines. It is available in carbon steel and in aluminum and stainless steel for special applications and environments. Finishes include galvanized and safety yellow powder coat. Custom gates can be made for unusual openings. Shipped complete, gates can be installed in minutes on all types of handrails (left or right) or to existing walls. 800/962-6111; www.safetygate.com.

Stainless steel slide gate

The stainless steel slide gate from Hydro Gate combines the advantages of a cast-iron slide gate with the economy of a fabricated slide gate. The gate, frame, wedges and guides are made of durable and corrosion-resistant 304 or 316 stainless steel. The specially designed seal assembly, wedge system and resilient flush bottom seal provide low leakage in seated and unseated conditions. The zero leak rate exceeds AWWA C501 leak rate standards. 800/678-8228; www.hydrogate.com.

Port sliding wall penstock

Orbinox offers the Model MU square or rectangular port sliding wall penstock sealed on all four sides. It is used for on-off or control applications in wells, tanks and pipe outlets. It has carbon- or stainless steel construction with tight elastomer seals. It is available in a wide range of dimensions and for many pressure heads. 450/622-8775; www.orbinox.com.


Fall protection grating system

The fall protection grating system from The Bilco Co. provides a permanent means of fall protection for the company’s line of single and double leaf floor access doors, and meets OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.23 requirements. The system is constructed of lightweight aluminum grating and stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance. It also features a stainless steel hold-open device that secures each panel in the full 90-degree position. The grating panel has a safety yellow powder-coat finish, making it durable, attractive and scratch-resistant. The system is available on all standard-size 300 PSF and H-20 reinforced access doors, and can be supplied on custom-size doors when specified. Retrofit kits are also available for installation on existing products in the field. 203/934-6363; www.bilco.com.

Molded grating

Molded grating from Fibergrate Composite Structures is certified to NSF Standard 61 for potable water contact. It is available in numerous grating configurations and many panel sizes with various surface options. It is used in all phases of potable water treatment facilities, including filtration, water and chemical storage, and collection and treatment areas. It is corrosion resistant, requires minimal maintenance and is lightweight and easy to fabricate. It provides long service life and low life cycle cost. 800/527-4043; www.fibergrate.com.


Horizontal submersible mixer

The Amamix horizontal submersible mixer from KSB mixes and homogenizes. It has a tandem mechanical sealing arrangement that seals the shaft, while a leak-proof cable entry prevents water from wicking inside the motor. It has a close-coupled design, direct-drive motor, and cable plug that will plug and unplug without an electrician. It is resistant to clogging by fibrous material, and has extremely long maintenance intervals, as well as requiring minimized spare parts inventories. It only requires oil change intervals for every 16,000 operating hours or two years. 804/565-8372; www.ksbusa.com.

Stainless steel water mixer

The PWM100 water mixer from PAX Water Technologies has a self-install design; it is easily lowered through the tank hatch. It helps eliminate thermal stratification, reduce residual loss, lower disinfection byproducts and prevent ice formation. It uses a biomimetic nozzle that enables a vortex flow pattern inside storage tanks. It can self-right on a tank floor even on a sloped surface and is compact and easy to install and retrieve. The mixer is made of 316 stainless steel and is NSF/ANSI 61 certified. 866/729-6493; www.paxwater.com.

Storage – Steel/Concrete/Plastic/Fiberglass

Bolted stainless steel tank

Bolted stainless steel tanks from American Structures can be used for water, wastewater, commercial and municipal storage applications. Bolted stainless steel provides sustainability with minimal maintenance. 715/235-4225; www.ameristruc.com.

Polyethylene tanks

Corrosion- and chemical-resistant polyethylene tanks from Assmann Corporation of America are made from virgin high-density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene. They provide low-temperature impact resistance, are UV stabilized and come in many capacities and colors. Custom rotational molding, accessory fittings and custom colors are available. The tanks are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects for multiple potable water contact materials up to 140 degrees F. 888/357-3181; www.assmann-usa.com.

Prestressed concrete tank

Wire-wrapped prestressed concrete storage tanks from Caldwell Tanks are economical units constructed to comply with AWWA D110 and ACI 372. They are low-maintenance units for applications including potable water, municipal and industrial wastewater, and thermal energy storage. 502/964-3361; www.caldwelltanks.com.

Folding frame tank

Folding Frame Tanks from Husky Portable Containment are available in steel or aluminum frames with size and material options (including EXLON). Easy-lift handles are installed on all liners, making them quick to fold and allowing easy removal of liquids. Folding frames are also pinch-free. 800/260-9950; www.huskyportable.com.

Dry bulk storage silo

Welded, one-piece, dry bulk storage silos from Imperial Industries can be customized to the application. Bulk silos and tanks are cost-effective on maintenance, and save material handling costs over many years of use. Tanks are available in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, in silo diameters to 16 feet, and in capacities to 12,000 cubic feet. Paint finishes per the Imperial standard or customer paint specifications are available on carbon steel silos. Standard guardrail and ladder assemblies in aluminum, carbon steel and galvanized steel ensure easy assembly and maintenance-free durability. 800/558-2945; www.imperialind.com.

Collapsible storage bladder

Collapsible storage bladders from MPC Containment are available in sizes from 250 to more than 210,000 gallons. They can be used for potable, gray or blackwater. They are fabricated using military-grade materials and NSF-certified potable water-grade materials. All flexible bladders are available in custom designs and sizes and include fittings as required. 800/621-0146; www.mpccontainment.com.

Bolted steel tank

Bolted steel storage tanks from Superior Tank Co. have modular design that allows them to be packed and easily shipped anywhere. Tanks up to 2 million gallons fit into a standard-size shipping container and are delivered directly to the job site. Tank kits come complete with hardware and fittings and are ready to erect. Panels arrive with factory-applied powder-coat finish. 888/221-8265; www.superiortank.com.

Potable water bolted tank

Potable water bolted RTP tanks from Tank Connection Affiliate Group are available with geodesic domes. The company fabricates and installs custom bolted RTP, field-weld, shop-weld and hybrid tank designs. 620/423-3010; www.tankconnection.com.

Glass fused-to-steel bolted storage tanks

Glass fused-to-steel bolted storage tanks from United Industries Group are coated inside and out with glass enamel that binds to the metal and forms a hard, chemically inert layer that permanently protects against rust, corrosion, undercutting, abrasion and stains. Modular construction allows easy transport and assembly, tank expansion, low maintenance, simple cleaning, long service life and fast, low-cost assembly. The tanks store potable water, raw water and wastewater with a surface that does not harbor or promote bacteria and resists very low and very high temperatures. 949/759-3200; www.unitedind.com.

Bolted tank

Epoxy-coated, flat-panel bolted tanks from USA Tank offer a flat-seam, field-assembled design that eliminates flange connections and lap gaskets. Use of the latest sealant reduces the risk of bolted panel seam leaks. Tanks are erected from ground level with a jacking system, improving safety. Enduro Coat one-part, heat-curable fusion-bonded thermosetting epoxy coating provides corrosion protection. 866/700-2500; www.usatanksales.com.

Water Towers/Components

Expansion joint

The 233-L and 234-L all-rubber high-lateral expansion joints from Proco Products operate up to 145 psig (nominal size dependent) or up to 250 degrees F (elastomer dependent) and can be specified for numerous piping system requirements. They are constructed of various elastomers with rubber-impregnated polyester tire cord and a reinforcing ring at the top of the arch to provide stability in large lateral offset conditions. The four-arch design can offer up to 8 inches of lateral offset, providing savings when attaching to a pipe system next to water tanks and reservoirs. 800/344-3246; www.procoproducts.com.


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