Flow Control and Software - Universal Flow Monitors CoolPoint

CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeters from Universal Flow Monitors provide flow consistency, accuracy and high repeatability in measuring and monitoring water, water with chemicals added, permeate and chemical feeds. They measure water flows in pipes sized from 1/4 to 4 inches, providing 4-20 mA transmitter flow rates ranging from 4 to 600 gpm. They have high repeatability and accuracy to ensure flow consistency. All models are available with plus-or-minus 2 percent full-scale accuracy. They have user-selectable output that can display rate or total in gpm or lpm. A flow repeatability of plus-or-minus .25 percent of indicated flow is standard. They are available in brass, 316 stainless steel or PVC in limited sizes. The local display is LED digital. They can measure water that may contain particles, and have no moving parts to stick or coat. 248/542-9635; www.flowmeters.com.


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