How Portable Flow Instruments Can Benefit Your Plant

Accurate flow measurement is critical for process control or regulatory compliance, and portable flow instruments can prove beneficial in many circumstances. 

For instance, when operational or process changes are made, it sometimes results in flow rates that don’t match the installed instrument’s optimal performance range. A portable instrument provides a stopgap measure until a permanent solution can be procured, according to Joe Incontri, director of marketing for KROHNE Inc. 

“If flow rates are steady, data can be manually entered into a monitoring or control system,” he says. “Otherwise, real flow data can be used to procure a new permanent flowmeter that matches the actual process requirements. Using real data from a portable instrument avoids over- or undersizing instruments based on faulty process engineering data.”

Verifying that a flowmeter is performing properly is a good idea, even if it’s not required for compliance, says Incontri. “Where existing flowmeters need verification, use of a portable instrument avoids the need to take an existing flowmeter offline or shut down a process since the portable unit can be installed on the existing pipe next to the target meter.”

A portable meter also provides flow data at the proposed point of measurement to help inform the purchase of a permanent flowmeter.

Portable instruments also help identify problems at treatment plants since they’re equipped with data loggers. Correlating the data with the time of upset may reveal pertinent issues leading to resolution.

KROHNE Inc. is headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, and serves its North American markets through a network of representatives, distributors and sales personnel. Contact KROHNE to learn more about the company’s OPTISONIC 6300 P range of portable ultrasonic flowmeters.

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