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B&B Introduces Zlinx I/O Modules, Modems

Zlinx Xtreme IP67 outdoor-rated radio modems and I/O modules from B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co. Inc. feature license-free, proprietary RF, available in 900 MHz for long-range and 2.4 GHz for short-range wireless communication for serial or sensor data in harsh and remote environments. The I/O modules include two analog inputs, two analog outputs, two digital inputs and two relay outputs. 800/346-3119;

Ultimo Introduces Non-Invasive Density, Viscosity Meter

The non-invasive Density and Viscosity Meter from Ultimo Measurement LLC measures the absolute or relative density or viscosity of any liquid or loose solid material with process temperatures up to 800 degrees F. Featuring vibration-based (non-acoustic) technology, the DVM strikes the outside wall of a vessel to create an oscillation of the vessel wall and the material on the other side of the wall. It then captures and analyzes the oscillations to determine the density or viscosity of the material inside. The system works with steel, aluminum and plastic-based vessels and pipes. 401/647-9135;

Duperon Offers Perforated Plate Screen

The Perforated Plate Screen from Duperon uses Hydropression to clean the static perforated plate of hair, grease, plastics, paper and small particulate matter. Front-mounted debris skimmers guide materials released by Hydropression to the surface for disposal. 800/383-8479;

Scantek Offers Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Keiki UFP-20 flow meter from Scantek is designed for up to 30 m/s flow rates from 13-mm to 5,000-mm pipes. It can log 165,000 points and features an LCD display in metric or imperial units, two separate flows or one flow with two-path transduction. The weatherproof unit has USB memory support. 410/290-7726;

Neptune Offers Chemical Metering Pumps

Series 500 chemical metering pumps from Neptune feature a Variable Oil By-pass stroke adjustment for increased valve performance and the ability to adjust from 10 percent to 100 percent of capacity via micrometer dial and EZE-CLEAN valve cartridges that can be removed for cleaning without disturbing piping to the pump. Capacities include 80 gph simplex and 160 gph duplex at pressures up to 3,000 psi. 215/699-8700;

Palintest Offers Handheld Chlorine Tester

The Chlorometer handheld chlorine tester from Palintest uses a DPD testing method and photometric analyzer to produce near instant results without extensive product training or data interpretation. The tester operates using four buttons and features a symbol menu instead of individual languages. The unit can conduct tests ranging from 0.01-5.0 mg/l for free and total chlorine levels. The last 10 results are stored in memory for easy comparison. Features include low power operation with automatic shutoff. Two AA batteries will last for 5,000 readings under normal use. 800/835-9629;

Pentair Offers SYSPEND Sanitary HMI System

The Hoffman brand SYSPEND Sanitary HMI System from Pentair Technical Products is designed to enclose, protect and suspend lightweight HMI devices up to 90 pounds. The modular system includes multiple tube lengths and straight L- and U-shaped tubes to meet versatile applications. Rated for Type 4X and IP69K protection in high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns, the unit has integrated side handles for easy repositioning, 20-degree sloped top and bottom for water and cleaning solution runoff and stainless steel construction. 952/934-8220;

Rain for Rent Introduces DV-325c Centrifugal Pump

The DV-325c 12-inch centrifugal pump from Rain for Rent is designed for bypass pumping, with flows up to 8,500 gpm, suction lift to 28 feet, maximum head of 220 feet and solids up to 4.75 inches. The sound attenuated enclosure reduces operation noise as low as 72 decibels at 23 feet. The pump is powered by a 350 hp, Tier 3 engine; an electric-drive is available. 800/742-7246;

Abresist Offers KALPOXY Lining Compound

KALPOXY wear-resistant epoxy compound from Abresist Corp. is a jointless lining for structural components and repairs, with more than 70 percent solids. The compound cures in approximately 24 hours at 68 degrees F and can be applied on nearly any surface, even overhead in chutes, pipe systems, vessels, conveying systems and cyclones. The material can be mixed on site and applied by trowel to the desired thickness. No reinforcing is required. 800/348-0717;

Pump-Flo Solutions Releases Pump-Flo Premium Software

Pump-Flo Premium pump selection software from Pump-Flo Solutions is a subscription-based service for engineers, pump resellers and manufacturers needing to size and select pumps. Supported by 80 pump manufacturers, the software makes pump performance catalogs available in electronic format, providing digitized pump curves from more than 135,000 sources. The program can search from multiple catalogs at a time, share data among users, customize reports and store pump projects on secured Web servers. 800/786-8545;

Bilco Offers BIL-Guard Hatch Railing System

The BIL-Guard hatching railing system from The Bilco Co. is designed to satisfy OSHA standard CFR 1910.23, which requires the exposed sides of roof openings to have some form of guardrail protection. The fixed railing system provides a permanent means of fall protection and mounts directly to the capflashing of any brand of roof hatch. The safety yellow railing is made from a durable fiber reinforced polymer. 203/934-6363;

Forsta Introduces M-90 Automatic Water Filter

The M-90 automated water filter from Forsta Filters measures 12 inches tall and can be incorporated into nearly any piping system. The automatic backwash enables the filter to clean itself as needed and requires virtually no routine maintenance. The unit has a stainless steel body, screen and components, flow capacity up to 100 gpm and screen mesh to 5 micron. The filter has a 1-inch flush valve and uses less than 2 gallons in the six-second backwash cycle. 310/837-7177; www.forsta

Singer Offers Responsive Pneumatic Pressure Relief Valve

The Pneumatic Dynamic Lifter relief valve from Singer Valve is designed to handle high pressures and features a compressed air cylinder to hold the valve closed. The valve also features a surge anticipator with two, three-way solenoid valves to put air into the cylinder under the piston, driving the valve open on power failure. 604/594-5404;

Goulds Introduces e-SV Pump Line

Made to be energy efficient and easy to install, the e-SV line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps from Goulds Pumps features a hydraulic design for lower NPSHR and target MTBF of 20,000 hours. 847/966-3700;

PureAir Filtration Offers Sentry Chlorine Protection System

The Sentry chlorine protection system from PureAir Filtration is designed to protect against leaks, capturing escaping gas with Safetysorb material and turning it into harmless salts that can be disposed of in a landfill. The dry scrubber system has one moving part, can be installed in three days and customized to meet any size or need. 678/935-1431;

Automatic sampling

ISOLOK SAL-series auto-samplers from Sentry Equipment allow cost-effective monitoring of sludge-to-solids ratios for high digestion efficiency and produce more reliable composites than manual sampling. The devices collect samples from pressurized process lines up to 300 psi while allowing operators to perform routine sampler maintenance independent of process line operation.

The heavy-duty, isolatable samplers capture up to 25 cc per cycle, handling solids up to 9.5 mm, to assure a representative sample without mess or inconvenience. Used with a PLC-based Sentry SBC Controller, a sampler can regulate batch, composite or flow proportional sampling, allowing single-grab, continuous or time-regimented sample collection throughout the process. 262/567-7256;


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