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Hot-water dehumidification

KDS Solar liquid desiccant systems from Kathabar Dehumidification Systems use solar hot water as a heat source for dehumidification of outdoor ventilation air. The product fits a wide range of applications at locations with as low as 20 percent relative humidity. It also captures most airborne bacteria, viruses and mold. The unit is made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) with industrial-grade construction. Most efficient when cool or cold, dry air is desired, the system can handle airflows from 750 to 84,000 cfm. 716/875-2000;


Biogas engines for CHP

Thermodynamically optimized MAN biogas engines from 2G with 2G-Drive technology are designed for combined heat and power (CHP) installations. Modular design and construction provides flexibility for incremental expansion as power needs increase. 904/579-3217;


Mechanical dewatering

The Prime Rotary Fan Press from Prime Solution is an EPA-approved mechanical dewatering system that minimizes energy, water and polymer consumption. It has a slow revolution of 1 rpm to minimize the energy usage. Models range use is 0.75 to 13 hp. The wedge wire design of the filter screen minimizes blockage, reducing washwater needs. Depending on the application, the unit uses 13 to 20 pounds of polymer per ton of biosolids to achieve dry cake at 18 to 26 percent solids for anaerobically digested material, 15 to 20 percent solids for aerobically digested biosolids, and 20 to 32 percent solids for mixed primary and secondary sludges. 269/673-9559;


Heavy-duty boilers

Cleaver-Brooks electric boilers are designed for heavy-duty heating as a primary or supplementary source of hot water and steam. The five models (up to 3,375 kW) are quiet, flame-free and compact and need no stack or emission control. The units use resistance elements as a heat source while keeping water volume as low as possible for control and rapid response. The units are local-emission free and provide nearly 100 percent efficiency at all operating points. 229/227-4411;


High separation efficiency

EDUR special-flotation pumps from Shanley Pump and Equipment are available for 500 gpm flotation applications. The pumps achieve separation efficiencies greater than 95 percent with enhanced float solids concentration. Pumps also are available in 316 stainless steel and 329 SS (duplex) construction. 847/439-9200;


Intertie protection

The SEL-700GT Intertie Protection Relay from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories provides complete intertie protection solution for distributed generation that is geared for peak shaving. Optional synchronous generator protection and synchronization automatically adjust generator voltage, speed and phase angle to match line voltage. The unit, which closes the breaker when synchronized, is suitable for harsh environments and temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees C. 509/332-1890;


Reduced clogging

Barnes Solids Handling Series non-clog pumps from Crane Pumps & Systems are designed to reduce clogging in lift stations, reducing carbon emissions from vehicles on service call-outs. 937/778-8947;


Corrosion-resistant heat exchangers

Polytetra Series shell and tube heat exchangers from Asahi/America are all-thermoplastic, corrosion-resistant units designed and built to customer specification and fully customizable. The design diverts flow to the side of the shell, avoiding high fluid flow forces that may damage the thin-wall internal tubes. This provides longer life and more even heat transfer by spreading the temperature-control media beyond the point of its initial concentrated contact area. 781/321-5409;


Aerator/mixer motors

Aqua-Aerobic Systems offers high-efficiency and premium-efficiency motor options, including the Endura Series of limited-maintenance motors for Aqua-Jet surface aerators and AquaDDM direct-drive mixers. 815/654-2501;


Expandable backup power

The Modular Power System (MPS) from Generac Industrial Power is a flexible and expandable backup power system that offers scalability and redundancy in critical power protection. The single-source system allows users to quickly add units as additional power is needed. The MPS platform can run on units that operate exclusively on natural gas. 888/436-3722;


Separable rotor

The Smart Rotor (SRT) from seepex is a separable rotor development. Rotor geometry can be changed quickly using a plug-in connection with no need to dismantle the suction casing, suction pipe or rotor-sided joint. The device can only be used with the Smart Stator (SST). It is available for new pumps and as a retrofit for all SST ranges.

The system includes a two-part pluggable rotor comprising rotor and rotor head. Torque is transferred using the pin and fork principle. For clockwise pumps, the rotor is axially secured in the rotor head using a locking plate. The torque-transfer area is protected from penetration by abrasive solids by an O-ring. 973/864-7150;


Submersible solids pumps

The Gorman-Rupp line of Infinity submersible solids-handling pumps are available in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch flanged discharge sizes in 2 to 75 hp. These combinations provide flows up to 3,100 gpm and heads to 190 feet. Pumps are available in slide construction/trash, and dry-pit versions. All SF Series pumps use NEMA premium-efficiency motors and pass a minimum 3-inch spherical solid. The 8-sided finned motor housing allows optimal heat dissipation, extending motor life and eliminating the cooling jacket. Pumps are available with channel or vortex impellers. Vortex models have Staggerwing technology. 419/755-1011;


Digester gas storage

Double Membrane Gas Holders from JDV Equipment Corp. store digester gas for use in generators and boilers. The design allows variable gas storage within the inner membrane at constant pressure during gas production and utilization, while the air-inflated outer membrane provides gas pressure and protection. The outer membrane is made of a high-tech cross-woven fabric, coated with PVC and UV ray protection. An ultrasonic sensor at the center of the sphere monitors gas volume, helping operators optimize gas utilization to feed generators and/or heating systems. 973/366-6556;


Biological nutrient-removal

The Continuously Sequencing Reactor (CSR) from Schreiber Corp. is a biological nutrient removal system in a single basin. The design allows complete separation of aeration and mixing and has 100 percent aeration turndown capability, allowing aeration to be turned off while the CSR applies its low-energy mixing without aeration.

The basin contents are mixed as the rotating bridge circles the basin. Retrievable diffuser support components and diffusers suspended from the bridge provide the driving force for complete mixing. Close proximity of these components to the tank bottom provides localized scouring to maintain suspension of solids. 205/655-7466;


Efficient motors

Reliance Super-E motors from Baldor Electric Co. include 26 premium efficient ratings designed for heating, ventilating and air conditioning; more than 50 washdown, paint-free and all-stainless premium efficient ratings; and more than 70 premium efficient unit handling ratings. General-purpose ratings are available from 1 to 450 hp, and Super-E severe duty motors are available up to 700 hp in low and medium voltages. Also offered are C-Face motors to 100 hp, explosion-proof motors to 200 hp, and close-coupled pumps up to 50 hp. Reliance premium efficiency custom motors are available through 15,000 hp. 479/646-4711;


Efficient turbo blowers

Dual Core Turbo Blowers from APG-Neuros offer high efficiency in a compact size by combining the design technologies of aeronautic compressor, bump foil air bearing and high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors with a built-in variable-speed drive and programmable logic controller. With 400 to 700 hp, the devices can attain flow rates up to 20,000 scfm. The product is oil-free. 866/592-9482;


Air conditioners

Enclosure air conditioners from Thermal Edge range from 1,000 to 24,000 Btu/hour. In addition to high- and low-pressure switches for self-diagnostics, the wastewater treatment package has a 304 stainless steel finish; fully coated coils and conformal coating on tubing; and remote mounting of the digital controller into the enclosure. 888/580-0202;


Energy-management blower

Marketed under the Gardner Denver Hoffman brand of centrifugal aeration blowers, the Revolution blower is an energy-management blower system. The R-200 and R-300 handle flows from 2,500 to 8,500 cfm and pressures from 3 to 15 psig. The blowers use active magnetic bearing technology, surge control, permanent magnetic synchronous motors, integrated human machine interface, programmable logic controller, and variable-frequency drive, all factory prewired and tested in an ergonomic sound enclosure. The unit precisely controls surge and speed to leverage turndown and maximize power savings. 770/632-5028;


High-speed blowers

HT-Series high-speed turbo blowers from HSI are built to maximize energy savings and minimize maintenance. The air-bearing blowers include models from 5 to 300 hp. The manufacturer says the units can reduce energy costs by 20 to 40 percent. They need no lubrication and have no belts, gears or couplings. Sound level is less than 85 dba. The HT-Series can operate in parallel with other type blowers and have a smaller footprint. HSI can add process control panels to automate existing equipment to maintain process quality and minimize energy usage. 713/947-1623;


Frequency converter

The Grundfos E-pump program features a high-efficiency MLE motor with built-in frequency converter and controller with pump-related functions. The units are typically used in pressure-boosting systems, industrial cooling systems, and process systems with fluctuating loads. 913/227-3400;


Efficient blower

Eurus Blowers offers bi-lobe (MB Series) and tri-lobe (ZG) blower packages, rated for 15 psig pressure, 15 inches Hg vacuum and airflows up to 3,950 cfm. The blowers have integral-shaft ductile iron impellers, dual splash lubrication, oversized roller bearings, piston ring air seals, viton lip seals, and low vibration and noise. They also have high-efficiency integrated intake filter/silencers with washable polyurethane filter media, and combination base and heavy-duty integrated discharge silencer. Optional equipment includes motors to 200 hp, check valve, safety valve, flexible connector, and sound enclosure. 630/221-8282;


Decanter centrifuge

The ALDEC G3 decanter centrifuge from Alfa Laval has a smaller conveyor diameter, allowing room for more liquid in the pond and allowing higher pressure on the bowl wall. This can result in drier cake or a less polymer usage. The device also can reduce energy costs for separation. Power plates reduce the loss of kinetic energy when the liquid leaves the bowl, cutting energy consumption by up to 20 percent. 866/253-2528;


Microturbine CHP

Capstone Turbine Corp. offers combined heat and power (CHP) systems powered by low-emission microturbines. The machines operate on a variety of fuels, including digester methane. 866/422-7786;


Heat-recovery exchanger

DDI heat-recovery exchangers use water and direct sludge-to-sludge heat recovery. The units are designed to be compact and efficient and limit plugging and baking. 514/696-7961;


Self-cleaning impeller

ITT Water and Wastewater offers the Flygt N Pump with a self-cleaning impeller design that provides a flow path through the pump, greatly reducing clogging from solid objects such as stringy, fibrous material and trash. 203/712-8999;


Magnetic-drive pumps

Finish Thompson offers DB Series magnetic drive pumps that operate at up to 70 percent efficiency with broad hydraulic coverage. Impeller diameters are evenly spaced for more precise coverage. The pumps offer high working pressures, allowing high-specific-gravity fluids to be pumped safely. A heavy-duty metallic motor adapter maintains a secure connection between pump and motor.

Run-dry ability maintains pump integrity during system failures. The units are molded from durable, corrosion-resistant GF polypropylene or CF PVDF. Multiple motor adapters and drive magnet sets enable mounting to any NEMA or IEC motor. 814/455-4478;


Solid-state relays

Weidmuller long-life, single-phase and three-phase power solid-state relays are designed to switch AC loads up to 20 Amps. They offer a high peak-load rating, with reserves to trip inline fuses. Integrated protective circuits, consisting of varistors and RC-combinations, enable the units to function reliably even in case of capacitive and inductive current spikes. Integrated zero-voltage switching makes single-phase units suitable for switching resistive loads up to 20 Amps without de-rating. The devices are for 24-volt DC or 230-volt AC control voltage applications. 800/849-9343;


Customizable motors

DRP NEMA motors from SEW-EURODRIVE meet or exceed new EISA and DOE requirements. The DR motor offers customizable options including brake size, cost-optimized encoders, and mounting type. The motors include advances in energy efficiency and integrated variable-frequency drive control. The DRP is available up to 50 hp when integrated with SEW helical or bevel gear units for the optimum in efficient gearmotor technology. 864/439-7537;


Sludge heating

Heat X sludge heaters by Walker Process Equipment are for plants using external sludge heating equipment. Type EB units are combination exchanger-boiler units. Type E units are separate exchanger units used with another hot water source. Type B units are separate boiler units used with Dirctube internal heat exchangers. 800/992-5537;


Electric boilers

Acme Engineering Products offers packed electric boilers for hot water or steam at capacities up to 4 MW. The units come packaged with all controls prewired. Units use individually replaceable blades on immersion elements to minimize maintenance and reduce service time. The boilers are available for operating pressures of up to 2,500 psi.

Controls include the main power switch, digital staging controller with high limit protection, and an audible and visual alarm circuit with manual reset. The units are available in horizontal and vertical designs and can be purchased with electric steam superheaters. 518/236-5659;


Global motors

Toshiba International Corp. offers the EQP Global motor series, which meets the requirements of The Energy Independence and Security Act. 713/466-0277; EQPGlobal.


Biodiesel system

BlackGold Biofuels offers the FOG-to-Fuel system, which converts fats, oils and greases to biodiesel. The compact, skid-mounted unit integrates into a wastewater treatment plant footprint and can be operated by existing plant personnel. Incoming FOG-laden wastewater from grease traps, clarifiers, DAF tanks or vacuum trucks is separated into solids, water and dry FOG, which then is chemically converted into biofuel and purified, producing biodiesel, glycerin (a carbon source for denitrification) and biobunker fuel (a biobased residual fuel oil). 215/253-5844;


Priming system

The OVT (oil-less vacuum technology) priming system from Thompson Pump has non-contacting rotors that eliminate internal wear and increase longevity. No recirculating oil is needed, and service is required every 20,000 hours. The units have high-vacuum capability with suction lifts of 28.4 inches Hg, and tolerate accidental liquid carryover. No sealing or lubricating oil is needed in the vacuum compression chamber. 800/767-7310;


Solar energy

The Velocity MW modular solar power plant from SOLON offers high output, fast deployment, and low investment risk for wastewater treatment plants. Units can be installed with financing under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in which SOLON assumes responsibility for plant management over the life of the system. Treatment plants pay only a monthly solar electricity fee with locked-in rates over the contract life. 520/807-1300;


Diesel generators

Kohler Power Systems offers 150-, 180- and 200-kW diesel-fueled industrial generators with new digital controllers, enclosure improvements and fuel tank upgrades. New tank accessories include fuel port fill/spill containment devices, high-fuel switch warning systems, and a 12-foot-high emergency vent.

Integrated into the junction box panel, Decision-Maker 3000 uses a digital design, display and interface to provide all vital operational data without aftermarket add-on devices. Digital metering displays total power, total energy and percent of rated power. 800/456-4537;


Process mixing

The Rotamix system from Vaughan is a low-life cycle-cost process mixing system for digesters, sludge storage and other high-volume applications. Combining uniform and vortical rotation, the system optimizes solids contact with its dual rotational zone mixing pattern. The process improves volatile solids reduction, increases gas production, reduces sludge volume, saves energy during non-peak hours, and allows continued mixing until tank is empty. 888/249-2467;


Efficiency enhancement

Magnetic bearings and high-speed motors from Synchrony improve machine efficiency, reducing bearing losses by using magnetic forces to support and position rotating shafts. This eliminates lubricants, associated viscous friction, and intensive maintenance. The device eliminates gearbox losses by directly connecting a high-speed motor to a high-speed turbomachine. 540/444-4200;


Water-tube boilers

Bryan Steam offers three new Triple-Flex ultra-high-efficiency condensing Flexible Water-Tube boiler models: TF 150, TF 200 and TF 250. They offer inputs from 1,500 to 2,500 MBH with sub-30 ppm NOx using a hybrid metal fiber burner. The boilers offer a guaranteed minimum thermal efficiency of 90 percent in worst-case condensing boiler operating conditions, such as 160-degree return water and 180-degree supply water at 100 percent firing load. Efficiencies up to 99 percent are achievable with lower return water temperatures as found in new building designs. Other features include easily replaceable stainless steel flexible tubes and a variable-speed combustion air blower. Easy-to-remove access panels simplify service and inspection. 765/473-6651;


Low-pressure screw blowers

Atlas Copco offers low-pressure ZS screw blowers. The oil-free screw compressor is certified according to ISO 8573-1 Class 0. The flow range is from 176 to 2,700 cfm, and the pressure range is from 4.35 to 17 psig. The plug-and-play package includes an integrated VSD convertor and PLC controller. 866/546-3588;


Solar inverter

The Sunny Central 250U solar inverter from SMA America converts DC electricity generated by solar modules into grid-compliant AC electricity. UL-certified and suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, the device provides various communication and monitoring options. 916/625-0870;


Control expertise

Revere Control Systems offers process automation and control system expertise to help plant managers achieve energy savings through usage visibility, measurement, benchmarking and controlling. RCS also helps optimize equipment utilization, maximize use of existing capacity, lower electric power demand charges, extend equipment life, and reduce downtime. 205/824-0004;


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