Heating Blankets Provide Cold-Weather Protection

FreezeSentry heating blankets from Rain for Rent

FreezeSentry heating blankets from Rain for Rent are designed to maintain a constant temperature, preventing liquids from freezing and protecting equipment. Resembling a giant electric blanket, the wrap is available in various configurations to cover pipe, manifolds, wellheads, pump volutes and priming chambers, barrels, totes, frac tanks, upright tanks, filtration units, and more.

The wrap uses a technology in which resistive electrical elements are attached to a carbon-based material that works as a heat sink, spreading the heat evenly throughout the blanket, says Kevin Day, specialty products manager.

“The temperature throughout the blanket is uniform and consistent,” he says. The wrap delivers with more than 90 percent of the heat to the targeted material. The outer shell is made of a rip-resistant vinyl, cold rated to -65 degrees F.

“Generally speaking, the product is used for freeze protection,” says Day. “It’s not designed to heat large tanks.” The wrap temperature can exceed 180 degrees, if needed.

The product can be rented. “You need it for four months out of the year, you rent it from us. And at the end of the four months you hand it back to us and we’ll hang onto to it until you need it next year,” Day says.

Using a 20-amp 120-volt outlet, the blankets have a built-in thermostat and strain-resistant cord. Manifold and pipe wraps are available in 5-, 6-, 8- and 10-foot sizes and up to 25 feet in length. Wraps also are available for 4,900- and 6,900-gallon poly tanks, 400-barrel upright steel tanks, and 500-barrel rectangular and bi-level tanks. Custom sizes are available. 800/742-7246; www.rainforrent.com.


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