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Submersible mixers

Anamix horizontal submersible mixers from KSB Inc. mix, homogenize, and thicken wastewater and sludge. Units have an 8- to 24-inch self-cleaning propeller with up to 13.4-hp/1,750-rpm motor and 2,359-gpm capacity. A tandem mechanical sealing arrangement seals the shaft, while a leak-proof cable entry prevents water from wicking inside the motor. The pumps have a close-coupled design, gear drive, and cable plug that plugs and unplugs without an electrician. 804/565-8343;


High-volume pumping

Electric- or diesel-driven self-priming pumps from Griffin Pump and Equipment Inc. have non-clog impellers that handle stringy materials and solids up to 4.5 inches. An ample clean-out port enables operators to clear debris beyond 4.5 inches without removing the suction pipe or hose. The pumps deliver flows to 17,000 gpm and head capacities of 240 feet or more. They are available in vacuum-assist, diaphragm prime, or compressor prime. 866/770-8100; www.griffin


Microprocessor management

The Chem-Tech XPV Series pump from Pulsafeeder Inc., a unit of IDEX Corp. combines variable-speed peristaltic pump technology with control electronics. Duplex models have two pump heads that deliver twice the flow of two different chemicals simultaneously. The microprocessor handles various input signal types and onboard timer programs to customize the pump to any application.


The electronic management system matches the variable-speed motor to the real-time dosing requirements as directed by a 4-20 mA signal, Hall Effect or Dry Contact pulse input, External Stop or manual operation in Fixed Speed mode. The pump also has a cycle timer and daily timer. 585/292-8000;


Hydraulic metering

Series 500 hydraulic metering pumps from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. are adjustable while running through 100 percent of range. They have capabilities to 80-gph simplex and 160-gph duplex with pressures up to 3,000 psi. The 1/3-hp single-phase motor includes a built-in automatic thermal overload.


The pump valve cartridge removes for cleaning without disturbing piping. A variable oil bypass stroke adjustment improves valve performance. Options include an internal relief valve viewing line and electronic and pneumatic stroke control that changes stroke length, not speed. 888/637-8863;


Reversible grinder

The 2-hp Model 6840 Shark grinder pump from Zoeller Engineered Products has a reversible stainless steel star cutter and plate hardened to Rockwell C 55-60. The bidirectional design eliminates cutter jams. The pump’s discharge configuration is 1.25-inch NPT vertical. The standard or explosion-proof three-phase motor runs at 3,450 rpm. Its cool-run technology effectively disperses heat, promoting long service life. 800/928-7867;


Custom-designed packages

Custom-designed pump control applications from Revere Control Systems include duplex, triplex, and high-horsepower application. One control package serves duplex 200-hp pumps supplying a golf course sprinkler system with effluent from the Fort Walton (Fla.) Wastewater Treatment Plant. The variable frequency drive system includes an outdoor enclosure with insulation, air conditioning, and bypass contactors. 205/271-9732;


Enviroprime pump

The 4JSCM Enviroprime, a 4-inch automatic priming centrifugal pump from Thompson Pump, provides flows up to 1,450 gpm and heads up to 130 feet. It handles solids up to 3 inches. The priming system prevents product blow-by, making it environmentally friendly. 800/767-7310;


Single compressions cycle

The self-priming, seal-free MiniPump from Eccentric Pumps LLC has flow rates from 1 gph to 2 gpm. A single hose compression per cycle extends hose life, produces more flow per revolution, and creates high vacuum for suction lift applications. The reversible dry-running pumps run slower and 8 to 10 degrees F cooler than sliding shoe pumps. 404/816-4760; www.eccentric


Suction solver

The 1700 Series, a heavy-duty, hydraulically actuated tubular diaphragm pump from Lutz-Jesco America Corp. handles inconsistent suction conditions, providing suction lift capabilities to 16 feet total dynamic head and 1,640 gph. It has a manual micrometer stroke length control, an internal hydraulic relief valve, easy-maintenance cartridge-type check valves, an internal back pressure valve, automatic stroke length control, diaphragm leak detection, and AC or DC speed control. 800/554-2762;


Air-operated pumps

Pumps 2000 America air-operated double diaphragm pumps from Megator Corp. come in 1-, 1.5-, and 2-inch designs that pass 1.5-inch solids. The stall-free air motor runs without lubrication and uses half the industry standard for air consumption. Explosion-proof conductive plastic construction resists deterioration even in low-pH locations and is lightweight. The 2-inch model weighs 41 pounds. The maintenance-free high-suction lift (27 feet wet or dry) comes from double-hinged diaphragms, long stroke, and self-cleaning slurry valves. 800/245-6211;


Packaged water systems

Factory-prefabricated, protected water reuse systems from Metropolitan Industries reclaim effluent from the final disinfection chamber. They come complete with controls, tanks, and pumps that meet flow and pressure applications such as split case and close-coupled, multi-stage, and flex-coupled end suction. 800/323-1665:


Metering pumps

Available in four models with flow rates from 1 gph to 2 gpm and pressures up to 300 psi, ProCam Smart pumps from Bran+Luebbe, an SPX Process Equipment operation, meter pH control, flocculation, and fluoridation using standard components. The hermetically closed pumps have a mechanically operated polytetrafluoro-ethylene double-diaphragm arrangement that operators can monitor. 800/252-5200; www.bran


Peristaltic hose pumps

Constructed of ductile iron and steel, Abaque series peristaltic hose pumps from Blackmer, a company within the Dover Corporation Pump Solutions Group, have discharge pressures to 217.5 psi. A seal-free design eliminates leaks, contamination, and product loss, while reducing maintenance and repairs.

Hoses come in natural rubber, Buna or NBR, and EPDM. Available in nine sizes with flow rates from 0.07 to 237 gpm, the reversible pumps are self-priming to 29.5 feet manometric lift, can run dry continuously without detrimental effects, and handle a high concentration of solids. 616/248-9252;


High-flow molded pump

Series HF horizontal pumps from Serfilco Ltd. have flows to 400 gpm or 170 feet total dynamic head, come in high-temperature polypropylene or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride construction, and are ANSI dimensional with the optional ANSI 150-pound flange connection. An enclosed impeller, molded to close tolerances, allows the pumps to operate at peak horsepower (up to 30 hp) efficiency for many flow and head requirements, including dry-run capability. All have an external Type 21 mechanical seal with silicon carbide seal faces. Models with double mechanical seals require water lubrication for solutions containing abrasives. 800/323-5431;


Tube mounted

Tube-mounted screw pumps from Schreiber LLC use a variation of the Archimedes screw pump inserted in a steel stationary pipe, simplifying structure design and eliminating grouting. The self-contained units provide variable capacity at constant speed, and come factory-assembled. They can be set at a fixed angle or the lower end supported by a hoist to vary the pump angle and for maintenance access.


The lower bearing design is based on an oil-lubricated, single-row spherical roller, combination radial-and-thrust bearing with true self-aligning capability. An elevated oil reservoir with feed hose lubricates the bearing. Oil is not continuously consumed but changed periodically. A simple pillow block bearing supports the pumps at the upper shaft. 205/655-7466; www.schreiber


HEAVY-DUTY hose pumps

With operating pressures to 232 psi and flow rates to 350 gpm, heavy-duty SPX pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps handle abrasive sludge with no affect on pump life. Peristaltic hose pumps work by alternately compressing and relaxing a machined hose element between the pump housing and compressing shoes.


The fluid ahead of the shoe is pushed toward the discharge, while the rebounding hose behind the shoe draws in more fluid. With 100 percent compression at all times, the pumps do not slip, providing metering accuracy and pressure performance. With no pump seals, seats, or valves, abrasive slurries are no problem. With its self-loading design, hose replacement is quick and easy. 800/282-8823;


Vertical turbine pump

The H2O Works multipurpose vertical turbine (MPVT) pump from Patterson Pump Co. has an internal vane that prevents stringy solids from wrapping around the shaft. Cast-iron bronze-fitted bowls from 12 to 40 inches deliver 1,500 to 20,000 gpm. Units have a cast-iron discharge head, fabricated steel column, stainless steel head and bowl shaft, and alloy steel line shaft. Open line shaft construction is standard.


Pumping sections can be staged to meet desired pressure requirements. The low-vibration, quiet pump has a small footprint and operates in low NPSHA (net positive suction head available) applications. The discharge, motor, and controller are above ground for easy maintenance. 706/886-2101;


Submersible shredder

The S4SHR 4-inch hydraulic submersible shredder pump from Hydra-Tech Pumps has an open-vane shredder impeller with tungsten carbide cutting tip that continuously rips and shears solids up to 3.5 inches with a 360-degree shredding action. The variable-speed hydraulic drive pump operates with flows of 10 to 15 gpm and maximum pressure of 2,600 psi. A guiderail assembly is available for stationary applications. 570/645-3779;


Three in one

The WEMCO-Hidrostal submersible/immersible screw centrifugal pump from Weir Specialty Pumps combines the clog-free features of a vortex pump with the gentle action of a screw pump and the high efficiency (up to 80 percent) of a centrifugal pump, while handling large and stringy solids. It also comes in a prerotation system that automatically adjusts pumping volume to varying inflow rates using a constant-speed motor and pump. The pumps are made of cast iron with optional high-chrome iron impeller and suction liner. 801/359-8731;


Shaft alignment

ShaftAlign pump shaft alignment tool from Ludeca Inc. is high-precision, easy-to-use, and incorporates error-proof functions. Its intuitive auto-flow functionality guides operators through three easy steps to determine the machinery alignment condition: dimensions, measure, and results.


The active clock measurement mode automatically collects the laser coordinates for the corresponding shaft position. Only three readings over a rotation angle of less than 70 degrees achieve precision alignment. All relevant alignment results, including the alignment status evaluation, are displayed on the high-resolution color backlit thin-film transistor screen through Smiley and LEDs. Alignment results are archived or print to PDF with included software. 305/591-8935;


Sludge pump

The 2000 HS system from Moyno Inc. has an integral hopper with twin-screw auger feeder and G4 PC pump that handles semi-dry, high-solids, dewatered biosolids to more than 50 percent solids. The system pumps filter cake long distances with high-volumetric efficiency. Its twin-screw feeder supplies a constant, pressurized feed rate to the pump for a 100 percent pump cavity fill. The design of the Ultra-Feed pump rotor head contributes to the volumetric efficiency, while the non-pulsing flow reduces operating pressures. 877/486-6966;


Maintains integrity

Dri-Prime backup systems (DBS) from Godwin Pumps of America Inc. provide independent power in one package for emergencies including primary power, switchgear, and sewage pump failures or repairs, and for primary pumping during routine maintenance. Systems are available in sizes 3 to 16 inches with flows to 10,000 gpm, heads to 600 feet, and solids handling to 5-inch diameter. Units start by themselves, pump the required flow, and shut off when the wet well is lowered or the primary system regains control. The PrimeGuard digital pump controller interfaces with existing control systems, allowing electronic remote monitoring. 856/467-3636;


Recirculator pump

The submersible recirculator Chopper pump from Vaughan Co. Inc. has a guiderail system and an adjustable recirculator nozzle assembly that mixes and pumps solids-laden waste pits. The chopper design eliminates plugging and the need for a comminutor or screens. Units have heat-treated alloy steel and ductile iron components and an oil bath seal-and-bearing system for reliable operation. 360/249-4042; www.chopper


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