Packaging Multiple Treatment Steps in Plug and Play Systems

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Packaging Multiple Treatment Steps in Plug and Play Systems

Construction activity involving dewatering or shallow groundwater extraction often requires complementary on-site treatment of the extracted water prior to reuse or discharge in order to meet specific local and state water quality requirements. A host of different contaminants such as arsenic, iron, manganese, heavy metals, VOCs and other natural or anthropogenic parameters can be found in shallow groundwater which when removed, typically via a series of extraction wells or wellpoint dewatering systems, must be treated in temporary or permanently installed aboveground treatment.

EPA and state requirements for direct or NPDES discharges continue to tighten. AdEdge Water Technologies has designed and implemented multiple such systems using a variety of processes including oxidation/filtration, adsorption, coagulation/filtration, ion exchange and other methods for achieving the final water quality or final permit requirements. AdEdge specializes in the design, selection of the right combination of processes, and integration of those processes or treatment steps with the appropriate amount of automation, controls and simplicity of operation.

The complete water system that AdEdge can supply often involves multiple treatment steps and can be packaged as skid-mounted, pre-piped and instrumented equipment or within an AdEdge WaterPOD fully containerized transportable system for simple plug and play at the job site. AdEdge’s proven H2Zero Backwash Recycle system is often employed to manage backwash water and minimize any liquid or solid residuals from the process for a complete turnkey and environmentally sound solution.

With experience in treating over 20 different contaminants, the AdEdge team can work closely with the end user, general contractor, or clients’ engineer in a design/build fashion to design and supply the appropriate treatment solution that will meet the project requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Download the case study below to see three examples of AdEdge’s successful treatment solutions. 

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