Improve Sludge Quality with Hydro-Sludge Screen

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Improve Sludge Quality with Hydro-Sludge Screen

Sludge treatment and handling processes can be significantly improved with sludge screening. Over time strings, rags and plastics that pass through headworks screening can become a significant mass that reduces the processing capacity of expensive sludge treatment processes. This increases maintenance costs, reduces operational efficiency, and can lead to much more frequent downtime of these critical processes while they are taken offline to remove debris.  

Plants with anaerobic digestion see phenomenal performance improvements in this process when operators removed these nuisance inorganic solids from their sludge with the Hydro-Sludge Screen from Hydro International. 

Download this file to see overviews of case studies of just a few of the many wastewater treatment plants that have benefitted from cleaner sludge.

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