Achieve High-Quality Effluent with Low-Cost Batch Treatment

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Achieve High-Quality Effluent with Low-Cost Batch Treatment

Parkson’s EcoCycle SBR is a true sequencing batch reactor process that produces high-quality effluent. It allows for an ideal anaerobic/anoxic fill period, creating the perfect environment for oxidation of organic material, solids separation and biological nutrient removal. All treatment steps occur within a single reactor basin, eliminating the need for clarifiers and associated yard piping. 

High performance and ease of operation

The EcoCycle SBR combines industry-leading DynaPhase Control technology with highly efficient treatment schemes designed to provide the ultimate in performance and reliability. DynaPhase Control automatically adjusts treatment steps to accommodate flow and load variations and is available with numerous instrumentation options.

No raw wastewater enters the basins during the settle and decant process steps, allowing for the production of very high-quality effluent. A flow control manifold distributes raw influent across the floor of the tank during fill periods to ensure intimate contact between the raw wastewater and the settled biomass.

Design flexibility

Parkson offers numerous aeration system options for the SBR including VariOx jet aeration, fine bubble, coarse bubble and floating aerators. The DynaCanter floating decanter excludes solids from the decant piping without requiring electromechanical components inside the basin. Check valves in the decanter drawtube remain closed during mixing and aeration and are opened simply by hydraulic force when the effluent valve (located outside the basin) is opened.

Equipment can be designed to fit any basin geometry and provides batch processing in a compact footprint.

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