AquaSBR Systems for Large Flows Above 10 MGD

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AquaSBR Systems for Large Flows Above 10 MGD

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Since 1986, Aqua-Aerobic Systems has installed more than 1,100 AquaSBR systems worldwide in a variety of municipal and industrial applications at flows ranging from a few thousand gallons to millions of gallons per day.

All of the benefits that the AquaSBR offers for small flow plants are also applicable to large flows. These benefits include components that can be retrievable and accessible, small footprint, separation of aeration and mixing for power cost savings and operational flexibility, and the ability to achieve nutrient removal. Also, the AquaSBR operates in a True Batch treatment mode, which means that only the highest quality effluent is achieved.

According to an EPA Summary Report, SBR technology is a more economical alternative compared to conventional activated sludge and oxidation ditch systems. This conclusion was based on total installed capital cost and overall life cycle cost for flows ranging from 1 mgd to 50 mgd.

The company’s vast experience with large flow AquaSBR systems has earned Aqua-Aerobic the reputation as the leader in SBR technology, and an expert in large flow wastewater treatment applications. 

Check out the pdf below to see multiple examples of large-flow applications for the AquaSBR.

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