Fix Your Troublesome Lift Station For Good

More and more, once-troublesome lift stations are now operating properly, thanks to Landia’s AeriGator chopper pump

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There’s never any shortage of claims about pumps that don’t clog — and no end of talk about wet wipes, which as any treatment plant operator knows, are a nuisance. But what about a pump that can tackle a layer of scum and grease that is 7 feet thick — and chew up rags and wipes at the same time?

With almost every town having at least one problematical, time-consuming lift station, the AeriGator chopper pump — invented by Landia in 1950 — provides a quick, long-lasting and reliable solution. See for yourself what can be achieved in this example in Madisonville, Texas, where Lift Station No. 8 now operates as it should, with huge amounts of time, money and labor now saved.


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