BDP Technology Facilitates Composting System at Rikers Island

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BDP Technology Facilitates Composting System at Rikers Island

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Located in the middle of New York City, the Rikers Island Correctional Facility (RICF) houses approximately 14,000 inmates. Commencing operations in 1996, the RICF compost facility is the smallest operating composting facility utilizing BDP technology. It is also is the closest compost facility to major populations — within 300 feet of prison dormitories. The facility incorporates two 6.5 feet wide by 180 feet long bays and one 30 hp BDP agitator to co-compost 8 wtpd of food scraps from the prison cafeterias with 8 wtpd of ground yard trimmings from city collection.

The facility is staffed by two full-time employees and operates six days per week, eight hours per day. Average ambient temperatures at the facility range from the -10F to 90F. A traditional wood chip type biofilter is used for odor control. The material undergoes 14 days of active composting in the bays and then undergoes about two months of curing in outdoor windrows immediately adjacent to the compost facility. The finished compost is then screened to remove remaining contaminants. The compost is either used directly at the RICF for their organic farming training program or NYC uses it for the various parks located throughout the city including the world famous Central Park.

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