Here are the answers to the Feb. 22, 2021 edition of TPO's Exam Study Guide:

1. According to OSHA guidelines, at what depth is shoring absolutely required when excavating a trench?
The answer to this question is C, 5 feet. Excavation and trenching safety are extremely important. Many operators and laborers have lost their lives to improper shoring or benching. Safety is also a staple on most states’ operator certification exams. According to OSHA standards, shoring is recommended when the trench or excavation site is 4 feet or deeper, OSHA requirements state that adequate protection is required if the trench is 5 feet or more. 

2. What is adjusted to control leakage from the stuffing box of a pump?
The correct answer is C. Packing glands are located on the back of the stuffing box and are designed to apply pressure to mechanical packing. This pressure is necessary to ensure the packing is pressed against the shaft and the inside of the stuffing box. The operator will be required to make small adjustments to the packing gland as the packing becomes worn. It is also important to note that newly replaced packing would require the packing gland to be fairly loose (finger tight) during initial startup of the pump. 


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