WEFTEC Report: Sedron Offers Varcor Technology for Solids Management

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Sedron Technologies recently introduced the Varcor System for managing wastewater solids in the Innovation Pavilion at WEFTEC in Chicago.

The company describes the process as a complete and holistic system that achieves 100% pathogen removal. It provides vector attraction reduction and enables nutrient recovery. Developed for the dairy and agriculture applications, the technology is now being extended to wastewater treatment.

Varcor technology is based on a proven process known as vapor recompression distillation. The solid and liquid fractions are separated through thermal evaporation, and the resulting vapor is sent to a compressor, where it undergoes mechanical recompression. The compressed vapor is then used as the heat source for the evaporation process; in transferring its heat, the vapor condenses and forms a water output.

The remaining vapor is concentrated and condensed into an ammonia solution. Due to the thermal process involved, the water, solids and concentrated constituents are guaranteed pathogen-free, according to the manufacturer. The technology offers reduced operating costs and yields byproducts that have inherent value and offer convenient use, according to the company.

The process is not susceptible to biological or chemical upsets, making it versatile for integration into wastewater treatment plants with varied processes and equipment. It allows plants to easily add septage processing or take existing septage processing offline to ease loading on primary treatment steps. The process yields Class A biosolids (greater than 90% solids).

Sedron can install and operate Varcor technology on a contract basis, or users can purchase the process outright as turnkey system. Visit www.sedron.com.


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