New at WEFTEC: Clearas Offers Biological Treatment System for Nutrient Removal and Recovery

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Clearas Water Recovery introduced an Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR) system at the WEFTEC Show that maximizes recovery of excess nutrients, increases dissolved oxygen and produces no chemical byproducts.

Modeled after traditional activated sludge processes, the system harnesses microbiology in a photobioreactor that accelerates photosynthesis and the consumption of carbon dioxide and excess nutrients. Advanced microfiltration then filters out high-quality water from return activated algae, which returns to the beginning of the process.

The solution is an advanced nonchemical treatment that achieves high performance, removing phosphorus and nitrogen to near nondetect levels while also reducing other contaminants in wastewater. As a modular and bolt-on system, it scales to any footprint and integrates with existing treatment infrastructure

Wastewater enters the ABNR and is mixed with carbon dioxide and a biodiverse blend of algae and other microorganisms to initiate nutrient recovery. Carbon dioxide drives biological activity (photosynthesis) and manages pH levels.

In the photobioreactor, biological activity is optimized for the consumption of carbon dioxide, phosphorus, nitrogen and other constituents. System parameters including hydraulic retention time, pH levels, and light availability are maintained to maximize nutrient recovery. Dissolved oxygen is produced as a beneficial by product.

Advanced ultra-filtration then separates flow into a clean water stream and a recycle stream. The recycle stream sends healthy return activated algae and other biological organisms back to the mix phase to reseed new wastewater. Excess algae is harvested from the process.


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